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If you’re a muscular man, at some stage you’ve probably experienced the struggle of finding a pair of jeans that fits perfectly. 

We are often caught in the cycle of trying on copious amounts of different jeans where none of them end up fitting. We’re always with the same question, why do jeans fit differently?

The excitement we had at the start has dwindled into frustration and we usually end up with nothing. The problem most denim shoppers have is that they are unable to tell how jeans should fit. This is where many of us fall short when it comes to purchasing a new pair of denim trousers.

Thankfully, we’re here to make your next journey to the denim store a lot more bearable and efficient by showing you how to find the best-fitting jeans. That excitement you had at the beginning will last because in this article you are going to learn how to tell if a pair of jeans fit comfortability.

So, instead of putting yourself through the torture of trying on several pairs of jeans, follow our tips to find the best pair for you.

What this article covers:

Signs Your Jeans Don’t Fit

We know that this article is about knowing whether your jeans fit, but we thought it would be easier to address the issue by looking at common fitting errors and their respective solutions.

how to know if jeans fit properly

Shoppers usually base the decision on the look of the jeans and not the feel and typically end up returning those ‘good looking’ jeans to the store. The truth is these jeans never looked good because they frankly never fit properly.

If you notice that your jeans fit into the category of any of the features on our list below, it’s likely that your new pairs of jeans won’t fit. So, before you walk out with your new set of denim jeans, make sure that you’ve had a look through these common errors.

Waist and Waistband

When it comes to jeans that fit, the waist and the waistband in particular are incredibly important. There are several key features to look for in the waist when it comes to finding a great pair of jeans.

First of all, the waistband of your jeans should sit comfortably around your waist without being too constrictive or feeling too loose. If you’re unsure of the fit around the waist then a good test to do is to bend down or sit.

how to know if your jeans fit

If you notice that there’s a gap at the back of your jeans when you’re in any of these positions, it’s a sign that the jeans don’t fit. This is the simplest way to know how tight jeans should fit

Additionally, you don’t want to give the entire world a full view of your underwear.

On the other end, a pair of jeans that pinches you and causes red marks around your waist also indicates that they don’t fit. This happens when the waistband of your jeans is too tight, and they bunch up around your skin, leaving uncomfortable red marks.

Stay away from jeans that are too tight because there’s no solution to make them more comfortable. However, if you find that they’re too loose around your waist, the solution is to take them to a tailor.

Buttocks and Thighs

The fit around your buttocks and thighs can make or break how your new pair of jeans fit you. When trying on new jeans, they should fit snugly around your hips and thighs without feeling like you’re being strangled. You should be able to move around and sit comfortably without the fabric folding in on itself.

how to know if jeans fit right

Of course, some styles of jeans, like skinny jeans, feel different around the seat but you generally want to feel comfortable and relaxed. 

The same goes for the thighs. If you notice a bunch of wrinkles around your thighs, it’s likely that your jeans are too small.

The seating area should sculpt around your buttocks in a way that gives you definition but doesn’t prevent you from bending down or moving around. If the fabric pinches around your thighs when you bend over, it’s a clear sign that your jeans don’t fit.

If you never want to experience the pain of having your thighs ripped, then make sure there’s enough excess material around your upper leg for you to move around comfortability.

Lastly, if it feels like the back of your jeans are sagging to the floor and you continuously have to readjust and pull them up, you need to take them back to the store and get an appropriate size. The same goes for if they’re digging into your crotch and upper thigh.

Showing and Hiding Ankles

The length of your jeans needs to be appropriate for your height. A pair of jeans that is too long can cause your outfit to look sloppy, while a pair of jeans that is too short can make you look as if you’re constantly trying to avoid puddles.

should jeans fit tight or loose

Leg length is of paramount importance when it comes to how jeans should fit. If your jeans are bunching around the ankles and swallowing your shoes then you need to reconsider your jean size.

Your jeans leg length should slightly cover the heel of your shoe or sit just above your ankle bone. In addition to the look, incorrect leg length can also be incredibly uncomfortable, especially when worn for long periods of the day.

To assist you on your next shopping trip, you should make sure that you know the correct inseam measurement of your leg. This will make choosing a pair of jeans much easier and relieve you from potentially frustrating trips to and from the fitting rooms.

The length of your jeans will depend on the style. For example, skinny jeans should naturally sit above your ankle, but for regular jeans you want them to be halfway down the heel of your shoe.

Keep an Eye on Your Zip

Another important sign to look out for when trying to determine whether your pair of jeans fit or not is to keep an eye out for your zipper.

Let’s be honest, at some stage, we have all taken in a big breath of air and sucked in our stomachs to zip up our jeans. While this isn’t something to be ashamed of it is a sign that your jeans don’t fit properly.

how to tell if jeans will fit

If you end up zipping up your jeans but the zipper won’t stay up, then your jeans are too small for you, and you will need to re-evaluate your size.

Change your uncomfortable, too-tight jeans for a pair made of elastic fabric. Heck, you could forego the zipper altogether and wear pull-on jeans instead, which are more comfortable and fashionable.

The same applies to your jean button. If you feel like you need to unbutton your jeans when you’re sitting at a dinner table then it's not a good sign. You want to make sure you’re fitting comfortably in your jeans without having to alter your zip or buttons.

Ultimately it comes to fit, you should pay close attention to how tight the pants are. Beyond the pain and discomfort, wearing clothing that is too tight might restrict blood flow, which can cause a variety of additional problems.

The Crotch

When it comes to how a jean should fit, you want to make sure that there is enough room in the crotch area but not too much that it begins to sag.

A saggy crotch is largely dependent on the space between your bum and waist. Too much space in these areas can cause a pouch to form in your crotch area. This is a clear indication that your jeans don’t fit, and you might have to size down.

how to know if jeans will fit you

Tightness around the crotch can give you the unfortunate look of having a camel toe, which is a look that many try desperately to avoid. If you notice that the inner seams are slowly tucking into your crotch area and have to continuously pull the fabric, then you are going to need to size up.

You can always look for where the seam sits in your jeans when worn. If the seam is straight down the middle of your buttocks then it should fit perfectly. However, if the seam pulls to the left or right of the center then it is a clear indication that your jeans don’t fit.

What About Muscular Builds?

Shopping for jeans is already a nightmare for some, but for people with a muscular build, it is almost an impossible task. As we covered, many styles of jeans are not catered for stocky people with big thighs and calves.

Luckily, muscle-fit apparel has emerged as a solution. Athletic-fit jeans are the way to go if you want something that snugly fits your muscular form while yet allowing you a complete range of motion and comfort.

The four-way stretch fabric used in muscle-fit jeans eliminates any bagginess and may be used to shape the body's muscles. You won’t have any bunching around your ankles or the annoying front pouch created from bagginess.

You may get a wide selection of muscle-fit clothing products on TAILORED ATHLETE, including shirts, slacks, and the top athletic thigh jeans. Our styles are created for mature, strong guys of various sizes.

should jeans fit tight


By now you understand why it is so hard to find jeans that fit, but at the same time, you now know how to counter these fitting errors before they arise.

At the end of the day, jeans, like all clothing items, should leave you looking good and feeling comfortable. Shopping for jeans is frustrating and many of us dread having to go to the shops for some new denim.

Thankfully, with this guide, your next trip will be less of a headache and more of a successful day out shopping. Additionally, make sure you have all the required measurements to make it even easier to find a perfect pair of jeans. 

This has been made even simpler byTAILORED ATHLETE, which has produced apparel designed especially for athletes and bodybuilders.

By now you have expert knowledge on how to find jeans that fit without trying them on, so I suggest you head down to the denim store and get yourself a new pair of perfectly fitting jeans.

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