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If you’re a big guy and you’re wondering what the best-fitting men’s jeans for body types like yourself are, you’ve come to the right place.

It can be difficult to find the right pair of tapered jeans for big guys since most manufacturers assume that larger sizes mean you probably aren’t hitting the gym all that often. Since you’re reading this, you know this isn’t necessarily the case.

Here are some of the best-tapered jeans for big guys and what makes good jeans for a big guy.

What this article covers:

What Should Big Guys Look for in Jeans?

what are the tapered jeans for big guys

No matter how much time we spend working on ourselves, some things we just can’t change. You can put in the hours at the gym, but you’re never going to change your bone structure. Just because you’re bigger and stockier than the average gym-goer doesn’t mean you don’t have muscles worth showing off.

Big guys want something comfortable yet still look stylish. This means that whatever jeans you buy need to be tapered.

Bigger guys tend to have bigger thighs and calves than average, so you need something that has a big waist and leg opening. 

You’re looking for the best-fitting jeans for big thighs, but they shouldn’t be too loose.

You also need to look at a pair of jeans with a higher rise. A high-rise hits above the belly button whereas low-rise is just beneath it.

Before you start trying on jeans, you need to do a few measurements. This makes it easier if you go into a clothing store and try on a pair that’s close to your size.

Otherwise, you’ll be trying on jeans for an hour trying to find the perfect size.


The fabric of jeans plays a big role in their comfort.

Some denim tends to be more rigid and stiff when it comes to jeans, and if you pick looser denim mixed with cotton or yarn, they tend to be baggy.

best tapered jeans for big men

However, the best option is to go for something with a bit of stretch. We’ll get into that a bit later when we explain why TAILORED ATHLETE is the best option on the market.

This way, you’re getting both comfort and style combined into a single pair of pants.

Measure Up

Size charts between different brands are so different that you could find the best-fitting black jeans in one brand, only for that size to be too big or too small in another.

The only way to be precise is to measure yourself, then you can adapt to any brand’s size chart.

You only need a flexible measuring tape, but you can use a piece of string with a ruler too.

Wearing a shirt or pants can distort your true measurements, so you may want to do this in the privacy of your bedroom.


best tapered jeans

Measure your waist first by standing with your feet slightly apart, measuring from the belly button to the bottom of your waist.

Your waist is where your top half crunches over if you’re bending to the side.


The next measurement is the inseam. This affects how long your jeans are, so having a longer inseam means you have longer legs.

Those with shorter inseams are probably looking for the best-fitting jeans for short stocky guys.

To measure the inseam, measure between your crotch and your ankle. 

Now that you have both the waist and inseam measurements, you can convert them to cater to the brand’s measuring chart.

The Tapered Fit

The first fit we’re going to look at is the tapered fit itself. These jeans narrow towards the ankle and resemble an inverted shape that feels comfortable and loose at the top.

This top look still manages to appear sharp and stylish thanks to the tapered leg opening.

A tapered fit narrows towards the bottom, contrasting with the more spacious top.

There’s always confusion between tapered fit and slim fit though they’re significantly different from each other.

best big guy’s tapered jeans

What sets them apart is the shape of the jeans. Tapered jeans are wider at the top and slim at the bottom. Slim fit is generally a slim cut from the top of the jeans down to the bottom.

A slim fit simply isn’t going to work for bigger guys as it’s one cut from the thighs down to the shins.

Tapered Comfort Fit

Comfort-fit jeans are the next type of tapered jeans. These jeans fit snugly with a tapered leg opening.

These are for bigger guys with smaller thighs wanting equal parts comfort and style. They provide more room around the thighs than skinny jeans, making them friendly toward bigger guys.

Comfort-fit jeans are made of thinner materials, giving the jeans a more breathable feel when you’re wearing them.

If you’re a big guy and you need to move around a lot in your occupation or day-to-day life, then comfort jeans will provide you with that ease of movement.

These jeans are also referred to as Dad jeans but that doesn’t mean they aren’t stylish.

best fitting tapered jeans for big men

Loose Fit

Loose-fit jeans are the last place you should be looking for the best-tapered jeans for big guys.

Loose-fit jeans do nothing but hide all your hard work from the world. Because there tends to be so much excess fabric, it can also lead to bunching and creases in areas around your crotch and behind your knees.

Instead, if you’re looking for jeans to highlight your body, you need to find something that sits quite snugly. So what about skinny jeans?

Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans might seem attractive at first, but for bigger muscular guys, they’re just not a viable option. By the time you’ve sized up enough to find a pair you can fit your legs into, you’re going to lose all definition.

Unfortunately, if you’re a bigger athletic guy and you’re trying to find clothes off the rack, you probably aren’t going to have much luck.

Clothing manufacturers want to make a profit, and that means making garments that fit the largest amount of people. So they’re aiming for the average body type, and you’re anything but average.

It’s not all bad news though. We know how frustrating it is to try and find clothes that make you look as good as you feel. Just because you’ve put the time into getting into shape shouldn’t mean that you can’t find clothes anymore. This is where TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit comes in.

True Muscle Fit

best tapered big men's jeans

Our True Muscle Fit jeans are specifically designed for athletes and bodybuilders. We keep your needs in mind when shaping and styling our garments, and we’re confident that we’ve come through with a solution.

These are some of the best jeans for short legs and big thighs.

Because they’re made from premium 4-way stretch fabric, you get all the benefits of tapered jeans with none of the downsides that plague bigger guys.

We design our clothes around the shape of your muscles rather than the assumed shape of your skeleton.

Because they come in a variety of colors, these jeans are highly versatile. You can fill your wardrobe with Blue Muscle Fit Jeans and you’re good to go for a night on the town or to a meeting in your office on Monday.

the best tapered big men's jeans

The reinforced seams also mean that you don’t have to worry about moving too fast or too hard and tearing a brand-new piece of clothing. This is something we’re sure every bigger guy has at least some experience with.


Big guys deserve comfortable jeans that still manage to look stylish. 

True Muscle Fit jeans are the perfect choice for big guys looking for great tapered jeans.

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