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There are many types of pants fit options you can use to make up your wardrobe. So, with so many options available, it must be easy to find a good pair that fits your athletic build, right?

Unfortunately, that’s not the case. As we’ll learn, the majority of designers make their clothes for the most common body types, which means you’re going to struggle.

We want to break down all the various kinds of pants fits available and highlight which ones will work for you and why.

What this article covers:

Various Pants Fits and Styles

types of men's pants fit

Straight Fit

The straight fit is similar to the slim fit in the hips and thighs, however, this fit has a minimal taper from the thigh to knee to the leg opening. 

It has a wide leg opening that will easily fit over bulky boots, or cover more of the shoes. Unfortunately, because the legs fall straight away from the waist, they don’t fit well around muscular legs.

Some pants may fit differently depending on their color. So, why do different color pants fit differently?

Slim Fit

Slim fit pants are one of the most popular styles. 

This type of fit is appropriate for the office and is slim but not extra tight. They’re best for average-size guys who want a clean, tailored look that drapes down from the thigh. It’s a bit narrower than the classic fit through the hips and legs, making it unlikely that they’re going to fit anyone who spends a healthy amount of time at the gym. 

They also have a noticeable taper from the thigh to leg opening. 

Extra Slim Fit

different types of pants fit

Extra slim fit is even tighter than the popular slim fit. 

Extra slim pants have narrower hips and legs with a smaller leg opening. This fit is suited to thinner men with calves and thighs that are a similar size, so they’re not a good choice for most athletes. They’re not quite skin-tight like skinny pants, but they’re still going to be constrictive. 

Athletic Fit

What are athletic pants

Athletic fit pants are what some clothing brands offer to athletes and bodybuilders. Our prayers are answered, right? Unfortunately, we’re stuck here again.

The one thing we’ve learned from years of designing clothes for athletes is that everyone’s body is different, and you’re not going to work your way around that by cutting corners.

Most athletic-fit pants are made using assumed skeletal structures rather than taking into account the actual muscles of the person wearing them. So, they might fit for one person, but the majority of gym-goers are still going to struggle. 

So, what can you do? The answer is TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit.

Different fits of men's pants

True Muscle Fit

Our True Muscle Fit pants are the perfect solution if these are the kinds of problems you’ve been facing.

They have more room in the seat and thighs to give you room to move without looking baggy. If you have large hips or thighs, but still want a slim fit, then this is the option for you. 

They’re not just limited to jeans, we have many types of pants for athletes. TAILORED ATHLETE offers comfortable men’s athletic fit dress pants.

Types of pants fit for athletic body type

Classic Fit

The classic fit is more relaxed than the slim fit in the hips and thighs. It has significantly less taper through the knee and leg opening. This fit is suited to guys who want a roomier fit with traditional proportions as it has a wider leg opening that covers more of your shoes. 

You can check out the difference between athletic fit vs classic fit pants.

Relaxed Fit

This pant style has a generous fit. It offers extra room around the hips and thighs for easy movement. Suit pants usually have a relaxed fit. For women, boyfriend-style pants are pants with this type of relaxed fit.

Pant Rise

Pant rise is the distance between the bottom of the crotch of the pants and the top of the waistband. This shows you how high or low you can expect your pants to sit on your waist. Usually, it’s between a range of 7 inches to 12 inches, and it makes a significant difference to the way pants fit.

Exploring the various types of pants fit

High Rise Waist

In this style of pants, the waistband sits far above the navel. It fastens at or above the narrowest part of the waist. If you want to look like you have a long body or want the look of longer legs, then this style is a good option for you. 

The high waist look of the pants will make your legs look longer. 

Natural Waist

This is a style where the waistband is placed at or just above the navel. This style is more popular in women’s pants.

Medium Rise Waist

This is a style of pants where the waistband rests just below the navel. A medium-rise waist is generally favored in men’s dress pants and suit pants.

Low Rise Waist

In this style of pants, the waistband is beneath the navel. This can be about 3-4” below your navel.

This is a popular style for jeans, but one that‘s often misused. Low-rise pants are often worn too low down and show more skin than intended. Low-rise pants should be worn at an appropriate height instead of making others feel uncomfortable by having parts of your rear end showing that shouldn’t be shown. 

Pant Cut

Types of pants fit for different occasions

Straight Leg

Straight leg cut in pants has the same width from knee to ankle. The leg openings are designed to fit over boots.

Tapered Leg

Tapered-leg pants are cut in a way that they are increasingly narrow from hip to ankle. An example of this is cigarette pants. It can make your legs look longer and therefore make you look taller. This is a perfect style for a petite build.

Bootleg Cut

This pant style has a slight flare to its legs starting from mid-calf which makes its leg opening slightly wider than for the straight-leg pants.

If you have a wider upper body, for example, an inverted triangle body shape or an apple body shape, then this pants style can balance your look and make you look better proportioned. This applies to both men and women.

Flared Pants

This type of pant style has a wide leg opening with the flare starting just below the knee. The hem circumference can sometimes go up to 19 inches.

Best Pants Fit for Muscular Bodies

Types of men's pants fit for different body types

The best type of pants fit for muscular men or athletic body types is the athletic or muscle fit.

True Muscle Fit Pants

TAILORED ATHLETE offers a comfortable and versatile pants fit called the Muscle Fit. Their muscle-fit pants are designed with their unique 'True Muscle Fit', meaning you no longer need to worry about sizing up to fit your quads. They have a contemporary cut and minimal design, making these your Essential Trousers. 

Our True Muscle Fit pants are perfect for all occasions and can be paired with any of their Formal Shirts to complete an effortlessly professional look. 

The True Muscle Fit pants are created with stretch fabric and reinforced seams to ensure ultimate comfort and security. They’re also machine washable for convenience and are made from a perfect blend of 78% Polyester, 18% Viscose, and 4% Elastane.

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