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When trying to decide on the fit of your pants, there are a variety of important factors to consider. When you put athletic-fit Vs classic-fit pants, which comes out on top and why? Which fit is right for your body? 

If you’re a serious athlete or a bodybuilder, you probably know all too well how difficult it is to find classic-fit pants that fit properly. So, are athletic-fit pants the solution and, if so, how do you find the best ones?

Athletic-fit pants and classic-fit pants have vastly different style goals. Classic-fit pants are designed to fit as many body shapes as possible. They’re generally loose-fitting and straight-cut. They do the job for most occasions but can look more casual than formal.

On the other hand, athletic-fit pants are made to fit and accentuate muscular physiques. They’re tapered and have more space in certain areas. They can be smart-casual or formal depending on the material and color.

What this article covers:

What Are Classic Fit Pants?

There are many different types of pants fit, with classic-fit pants probably being the most recognizable. They’re cut straight from top to bottom with no tapering. While the cut does have a lot of space, they’re not flattering on most body shapes. The large amount of fabric around the legs can often bunch up.

Creases and excess fabric do mean you won’t have a streamlined silhouette, so most classic-fit pants need to be tailored before fitting properly. This is made worse if you’re a muscular, athletic man with large thighs but skinny calves.

athletic fit

Tailoring is costly and if you don’t have the right tailor they can do more harm than good. What’s the point of paying for clothes if you can’t wear them straight away?

If you’re going to a black tie event, classic-fit pants can look sloppy if they aren’t properly tailored. Our athletic fit pants fit beautifully into a variety of dress codes and themes.

What Are Athletic Pants?

Athletic fit pants are designed with athletes in mind. Spending hours training your body will give you a sculpted, athletic body that rarely fits into most of the clothes sold commercially. You can finally have more options than oversized t-shirts and sweatpants.

classic fit pants

Our men's athletic-fit dress pants have been specially designed to fit an athletic physique and keep it comfortable all day. We have developed a tight-fitting cut that still has room to move in. This cut highlights your figure and sits close to the body.

Our pants are designed with extra space for your quads, glutes, and calves without being baggy in these regions. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why different color pants fit differently, take a look at our blog.

Our athletic-fit pants are sized consistently in every cut and color. If you buy one pair of pants and enjoy the fit, you can rest assured that the rest of the pants we make will fit just as well. Our shirts, jackets, sportswear, and underwear all follow the same sizing standard.

Let’s take a look at our various types of athletic pants, all available as True Muscle-Fit cuts.

Types of Athletic Pants

  • Everyday Tech Trousers - These pants have a super soft inner lining, zip pockets, and an elastic waistband. These features make these pants perfect for any smart-casual occasion or simply relaxing at home after a workout.
    athletic fit pants
  • 365 Trousers - Designed to be the ultimate go-to trousers for any event. Whether you’re going to work or after-work drinks, these soft, stretchy pants suit the dress code.
    classic fit
  • True Muscle-Fit Trousers - Our signature True Muscle-Fit pants are the optimal formal pants for muscular men. They have a sleek, modern appearance that pairs well with any of our formal muscle-fit shirts.
    straight fit pants
  • Chino Pants - if you are looking for smart casual pants perfect for warmer days, our chino pants are soft, stretchy, and comfortable. They can be paired beautifully with our polo shirts.
    classic pants

Are Athletic Fit Pants Right for You?

We’re sure you’ve struggled to find clothes that fit you just right. Clothes may be in your size, but the fabric simply doesn’t fit the same over the large bulk of your muscles. Many designers don’t even consider this aspect when designing their clothes. 

If you spend hours playing sports or in the gym honing your body, you are familiar with the struggle of finding clothes. You most likely would like to show off the physique you work so hard for and baggy clothes simply don’t do it justice.

You no longer have to choose between wearing oversized clothes or feeling stuffed into pants too small for your body. At TAILORED ATHLETE we create garments made for athletic bodies. We have even considered the properties of the fabric we use.

fitted pants


  • Our clothes are made by athletes for athletes. We understand the unique requirements that athletes have for their clothing because we have the same needs. These garments have been tested on our own bodies, so we know they work.
  • Our garments all have incredible four-way stretch, moisture-wicking properties, and crease-resistant fabric to keep you looking presentable all day long. No one likes pants that slowly get more frumpy and wrinkled throughout the day.
  • The fabric we use is extremely soft and breathable to keep you comfortable in any weather. Excellent formal wear doesn’t have to be stiff and uncomfortable. You should still be able to move freely without restrictions.
  • Our garments all work together in different variations. Our shirts pair beautifully with our different pants styles. By mixing and matching you can find perfect combinations for any occasion formal or otherwise.
chino pants

Experience Athletic Fit Pants for Yourself

We took the same fundamental discipline that makes us excel in the gym and applied it to create the ultimate athletic-fit clothing with our True Muscle Fit. We’re constantly in pursuit of excellence, so we’re always improving and coming up with new ways to better your wardrobe.

If you aren’t completely satisfied, or you’ve ended up with the wrong size, we offer no-questions-asked returns for 35 days after purchase. Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and each of our employees is trained to handle any problem you might have.

We have spent hours collecting data from athletes and compiling research to ensure the best results for our clients. We offer high-quality, well-tailored, athletic-fit clothing with no more bagginess or creasing. Our clothes are made for you.

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