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If you constantly struggle to find pants that fit properly, you’ll know what a hassle it is to try on multiple pairs of pants just to find the right ones.

Luckily, there are a few different methods that you can try. In this article, we’ll go over how to tell if pants fit without trying them on.

Some of these methods include the neck, hand, shoulder, and abdomen methods. We’ll also discuss problems that muscular men face when looking for clothing, as well as the solution to this problem.

What this article covers:

How to Find Pants that Fit Without Trying Them on

Shoulder Method

how to tell if jeans fit without trying them on

It can be difficult to measure the waist and hip parts of your jeans. If you don’t like trying jeans on and want to make a quick purchase, then using a method such as a shoulder method can help to determine if the pants will be the right size for you. 

The shoulder method can be used to measure your hip, and here’s how to do it:

First, find and measure the widest part of the pair’s hip. Second, determine the length of your shoulder – this is the distance from one shoulder to another.

Now try to match both measurements. If they match or the jeans’ hip comes out a bit wider, then the jeans will fit. They will still fit even if the distance between the shoulders is slightly more than the hip size of the jeans. If the hip size is larger than your soldiers then this will result in baggy jeans.

Neck Method

The circumference of your waist is around double your neck circumference. This is true for almost everyone unless they have some sort of physical abnormality. You can try your jeans on your neck to know if it's the right size for your waist without wearing them. Here’s how to do it:

Start by making sure that you button the jeans up first. Now, wrap the waist of the jeans around your neck. You can wrap the jeans either from the back side or the front side, whichever is the most comfortable for you. 

You can now check to see if both edges meet each other with ease. If the borders overlap, then the pair of jeans is too big. If they’re struggling to touch each other, then this means that the jeans are too small for you.

It’s important to note that this method will only work with regular-shaped pants. It won’t be very helpful for low-rise or high-waisted pairs of pants. It’s helpful to know how to find pants that fit your shape.

Hand Method For Correct Waist Fit

how to know if jeans fit without trying on

How should pants fit at the waist

The hand method allows you to find the correct size of pants for your waist. To use this method, close your fingers to make a fist and enter from your elbow to the fist inside the waistline of the buttoned-up athletic jeans

If your hand fits the waist of the jeans comfortably without having to squeeze it in or leaving any gap, then the pair will be the right size for you.

Abdomen Method

The abdomen method is fairly simple. Take the waist of the pants and measure the waist against the length between your navel and backbone.

Hand Method for Correct Length

Apart from checking the waist size of the pants, it’s also important to check the length as you don’t want to end up purchasing a pair of pants that are too short or too long.

To determine whether the length of the jeans is the right size, hold the bottom of one jean leg in one hand and the bottom of the other jean leg in the other hand. Stretch your arms out wide on either side of you while still holding the jeans. Your arms and hands should be stretched out as much as possible.

If the center of the pair of jeans falls lower than your neck or it's at your chest, it’s going to be longer. If the jeans are too long, you can fold them to keep the edges above your shoes. If you’re unsure what dress pants athletic fit should look like, you can look at how should dress pants fit at the ankle.

how to know if your jeans fit without trying on

If the jeans are going over your chin and touching your mouth, then the pair will most likely be too short. A perfect length would be when it barely touches or falls just below your chin.

Why It’s Difficult for Muscular Men to Find Clothes that Fit

Men with athletic builds often face issues when trying to find clothes that fit perfectly. This is because clothing is designed in standard sizing, and doesn’t always accommodate bigger quads, hamstrings, calves, and upper bodies.

Why do jeans not fit me? It’s common to see muscular men wearing clothes that look far too big. The reason for this is that these muscular guys buy these oversized shirts because it’s the only thing they can find to fit their bodies. However, this sacrifices a nice taper through the midsection to fit a lean waist. This type of fit results in a dress shirt that looks boxy and doesn't show off the shape of a muscular build. If you struggle to find t-shirts that fit, check out our men’s athletic fit t-shirts.

how to know if jeans fit you without trying on

When trying on bottoms in your normal size, you may find that you aren’t able to get them past your quads, or you may feel as though the clothing is about to rip. However, when you try on a bigger size, the leg parts fit, but the waist is too big and baggy.

The most common issue that muscular men have is usually that most pants are too tight around the quads. This can give off a very “skinny” look which is not what most men may want.

Instead, you may desire a pair of pants that has a nice trim, streamlined look, and is neither too skinny nor too baggy. Check out our article on how to find dress pants that fit well to find out more on the topic. 

There are options available such as getting custom pants made or using the methods above to see how pants should fit without trying them on. However, the best option is to go for clothing that is specifically designed for a muscular build.

The Solution

TAILORED ATHLETE has a range of trousers specifically designed to fit your muscular physique. We use premium, high-performance 4-way stretch fabric to allow the garments to contour around your frame without constricting your movement.

There’s no need to size up to allow for your quads because with these trousers, you’ll get a form-flattering fit.

Their muscle-fit trousers are both comfortable and versatile. They’re designed with unique 'True Muscle Fit. They offer a contemporary cut and minimal design. These pants are created with stretch Fabric and reinforced seams. They’re also machine washable and made from 78% Polyester, 18% Viscose, and 4% Elastane. They include mock back pockets.

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