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Do you struggle with how to find pants that fit your shape? You’re not alone. Many men, particularly muscular men, have this problem.

Most men’s pants just don’t fit right straight off the rack. We all lead such busy lives, we don’t want the expense of further tailoring. Not to mention the extra time that takes before wearing our new garments.  

So why is it such a struggle to find the right fit? We delved into the reasons for this problem and offer you our insights here along with advice on findingyour best fit. 

So read on for the solution to pants fit problems and find out how you can look your best every day, at work and play.

What this article covers:

Why Is It So Hard to Find Pants That Fit?

The reason you struggle to find pants that fit, right off the garment rail, is two-fold.

best pants for my body type

Firstly, men have different body types. We’re not all the same height and weight, nor do we have the same frame (more about that in a moment).

Secondly, most men’s outfitters work from an outdated template, designed for the ‘average man’. The problem with that is there’s no such thing. This explains why only a few men look good in a shirt, jacket, or pair of pants without going to the tailor first.

How to Find Pants that Fit Well

When your pants don't fit properly, you’ll not only look uncomfortable, but you’ll feel uneasy all day. Here are the general rules for finding pants that fit well. 

The Length

The medium break (or half break) is perfect for most guys and is the traditional length for dress pants. 

This means that the hem of your pants falls about one-third of the way down your shoe. It’s suitable for a business-casual dress code, as well as evening attire. 

However, a slight break is acceptable for more casual pants and even no break for jeans. Also, bear in mind that a lower break can make you look even shorter if you aren’t particularly tall to begin with.

The Waist

How should pants fit at the waist? Pants should generally sit at the natural waistline, which is around where your navel is. However, a shorter or longer torso can affect where your pant's waist will sit.

best pants for body type

The natural waist is the most comfortable place for your pants to sit. But if you’re a bit overweight, it may be less comfortable. In such a case, a slightly higher-rise pair of jeans may be your best fit and look. 

Dress Pants

Dress pants always look so stylish, but how are dress pants supposed to fitDress pants should fit snugly around your waist and hips. The waistband should be level with or just below your navel. The inseam should be long enough to cover your shoes, but not too long or it will drag on the ground. Tapered legs complete the look, but these shouldn’t be so tight that they cling to your skin.

The most common issue that men have with pants is finding dress pants that fit well. While they usually look good, many muscular men find dress pants uncomfortable. This can make attending an evening event a nightmare since poorly fitting clothes will hurt your confidence.

That’s why TAILORED ATHLETE’s athletic-fit stretch dress pants are so popular. They have the classic look of dress pants but the stretch and comfort you need for your muscular legs. 

how to find the best pants for your body shape

Find Your Fit Without Fitting 

Want to know how to tell if pants fit without trying them on?

Know Your Body Type

Remember those different body types we just mentioned? To find the best fit foryour particular body, you have to be true to your shape. Whether you go to the gym or not, your body will fall into one of these three categories. It has more to do with your skeletal structure than your muscle mass.

These three categories describe the main body types for men:


An ectomorph has a lean, lithe shape. The true ectomorph is often taller than average. They tend to stay slim, although they can build muscle with regular training. Many runners fall into this category.


A true mesomorph is more muscular, with broader shoulders and of average height. This type naturally builds muscle more easily, as this body type responds well to weight training. Most bodybuilders tend to have this body type.

dress pants for body type


The endomorph tends to be shorter, stockier, and a bit rounded (especially around the abdomen). This type tends to gain weight more easily and it shows more easily, too. However, like the ectomorph, the endomorph can bulk up their muscle with hours at the gym.

Dress For Your Type 

An ectomorph, being naturally tall and lean, looks good in silhouettes that match the lines of their body. If you fall into this category, you can happily wear skinny jeans, or slimmer pants and shirts meant to hug your frame. However, looser and more relaxed pants and jeans won’t suit you.

If you’re an endomorph, you’ll look best in straighter pants legs and looser or relaxed-fit jeans. Slim-fit pants and shirts aren’t for you.

While the mesomorph could spend his days in skinny jeans and the ectomorph could do the same in baggy pants, what of the mesomorph? What does the muscular man do? This has, until recently, been the most difficult body type to address. Most menswear outlets just don’t cater to a muscular physique. 

Fortunately, that has now changed.

The Best Pants for Your Body Shape

type of pants for your body type

With the launch of TAILORED ATHLETE, muscular men no longer have to despair. We offer a comprehensive range of menswear for the modern muscular man. You worked hard to build a body you can be proud of. Now you can dress it in fashionable clothes that flatter you. 

Gone are the days of turning down invitations because you just can’t find dress pants to fit over your muscles. You’ll no longer have to size up to get your pants to fit your quads only to be left with pants that are too baggy everywhere else.

With our True Muscle Fit pants, you’ll never have to turn down a social engagement ever again. You’ll always find the right pants to fit you. The only consideration will be finding the pants that fit the occasion. That, too, is no longer an issue. We have pants for work, leisure, and formal events.

Style Tips for the Muscular Man

Not a very muscular man is a true mesomorph. An endomorph can work on his body to firm up his muscles. An ectomorph can put in the work to build lean muscle mass. However, most bodybuilders and sportsmen fall into the mesomorph body type category.

best cut of pants for body type

But even within that group, there are variations. You may be shorter or taller than the average mesomorph. Or you may want to draw attention to (or away from) certain prominent features.

Whatever the case, you’ll find these style tips for muscular men helpful.

Horizontal Stripes Broaden

Horizontal stripes visually broaden the area where they are placed. No matter what your body type is, horizontal strips will make you look wider. 

You can make your shoulders and chest look even broader with horizontal stripes. However, if you do so, keep your pants a solid color, or the overall effect will be overwhelming. The best look is one that incorporates a solid color for the pants that tones with one of the colors in the striped shirt. 

Vertical Stripes Lengthen

You can use vertical stripes to balance out your proportions. Just as horizontal stripes broaden, vertical stripes visually lengthen the body. If you are a muscular man with an excellent physique but have short legs, don’t worry. 

The clever use of vertical stripes in pants can make your legs appear longer. The same is true of vertical stripes on your upper body, as in a pin-striped shirt, They will make your torso appear longer. 

Light Colours Enlarge

best type of pants for body type

When you wear light colors, you’ll appear larger. So if you want to project a larger frame, wear light colors. 

You don’t have to wear all-white though. Team a white or off-white true-muscle fit shirt with neutral pants in taupe, stone, khaki, or beige and a matching jacket, worn open. Pair these with tan or brown shoes and a belt. 

This is a stylish ensemble for a muscular man for any occasion, especially a daytime event. 

Dark Colours Recede

Of course, dark colors achieve the opposite effect. Darker colors cause the areas around them to recede, making them look smaller. 

If you need to attend a formal event, you’re not doomed to wear all-black. Darker hues such as navy or charcoal give you the same formal flair without being too stark. 

But if you’re concerned that your muscles aren’t shown to their best potential, think again. A pair of athletic-fit pants in a dark neutral will flatter your form without breaking with black-tie rules.

best shirt fit for body type

Too Loose Is as Bad as Too Tight

If there’s only one of these tips that you remember, let it be this: Too loose is just as bad as too tight. Let’s explain what this means.

If you try to make those either menswear brands work for you, you’ll end up with pants and shirts that fit too tight. If you size up to accommodate your muscles, they’ll fit too loose in certain places. But both problems are equally unflattering.

Even if you choose clothing that’s too tight in a bid to ‘show off’ your muscles, it’s not going to look polished or attractive. Instead, select your pants and shirts from TAILORED ATHLETE’s range of athletic-fit clothing. They will accentuate your fine physique while fitting you perfectly. 


With a bit of fashion know-how, the right information about your body type, and TAILORED ATHLETE, any man can look good.

We strive to provide athletic and muscular men with the best options for both casual and smart attire. Browse our catalog, and you’ll never struggle to find pants that fit your shape, ever again.

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