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With the advent of athletic pants, muscular men felt they could at last ditch the track pants and dress more stylishly. But this wasn’t always the solution these men desired.

Although they were more comfortable than classic fit pants, they weren’t always flattering. Either they didn’t have the room for your quads, or they weren’t comfortable or stylish enough to wear all day. 

In recent years, fashion brands have offered a wider range of choices. Many of these are advertised as athletic pants. But what are athletic pants, and where do you find a pair that both fitsandflatters you? Read on for the answers.

What this article covers:

What Are Athletic Pants?

What are athletic pants designed for? They’re made to fit muscular bodies. You may be tempted to just live in sports and exercise wear. Sportswear brands do offer more comfort than conventional men’s pants. However,  they’re not the type of athletic pants you can wear to work or an important event.

what are men's athletic pants

The way different types of pants fit depends on three factors: their cut, the fabric, and your body type. Proper athletic pants are designed for muscular bodies with more space in the hips, thighs, and seat. They are generally tapered from the knee to the ankle. 

An athletic fit vs classic fit pants differs mostly in the cut. Classic fit pants are also fairly tailored but are looser-fitting than athletic pants. Hence they don’t always fit over very muscular legs, and almost never show off your muscular definition as well as athletic pants do. 

Athletic pants are also made from stretchy fabric. This allows for more maneuverability and comfort. Yet you may have noticed that pants from different brands, although the same size, can fit differently. Let’s look at some of the reasons why. 

Do Athletic Pants Sometimes Differ in Their Fit?

Because different fashion houses use different templates, their sizes are not always standardized. This accounts for the main reason why the fit of athletic pants can differ. Also, some fashion companies market items as athletic pants when they’re actually just very baggy or loose-fitting track pants. 

 what are athletic fit pants

But why do different color pants fit differently? This is a fashion mystery that we’ve heard about from consumers of other brands. Yet surely the color of the fabric shouldn’t make a difference to the fit? The dyeing process can cause certain fabrics to shrink because some dyes need a higher temperature. 

Most often, though, it’s a matter of illusion. Darker colors, for example, visually minimize the body part they cover. Dark-wash jeans make you look slimmer, which is useful for balancing your proportions.

The reason why some types of athletic pants might not fit and flatter you is usually the cut or the fabric. Either they are too baggy, or the fabric does not have the elasticity and stretch required. That’s where TAILORED ATHLETE pants are literally a cut above the rest. 

Our Alternative to Athletic Pants

Our athletic pants and jeans are not only cut for muscular legs but also have just the right amount of stretch for comfort. They are slim-fitting and flattering, but never tight or restrictive. They are stretchy and comfortable, but never baggy. 

For work or leisure, choose our men’s athletic-fit dress pants. They are available in a range of colors and styles for every occasion. You’ll never have to size up to get your pants to fit over your quads, ever again.

what are athletic fit dress pants

Want a more casual vibe? Grab a pair of our muscle-fit jeans. Teamed with one of our polo shirts, t-shirts, or hoodies, they’re comfortable enough for professional athletes. And you’ll look far more put-together when you head out for a night on the town.

what are athletic fit dress jeans

Closing Thoughts

If you’re a professional athlete, a bodybuilder, or just a keen gym goer with well-defined muscles, you’ve probably struggled to find pants that fit. But that’s a thing of the past. Because here at TAILORED ATHLETE, we help you look and feel your best, at work and at play.

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