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Most men have at least one pair of black jeans in their wardrobe. Black jeans are loved by young and old, and they are known for their versatility and style. So where can you get the perfect pair of black jeans if you’re a muscular man? 

While black jeans are not hard to find for the average guy, you’ve probably had a harder time of it. Fortunately, that has now changed. You can get top-quality black jeans specially designed for your athletic physique. 

Keep reading to learn where to get the best-fitting black jeans for your shape. You’ll also discover why they’re so popular, and what they can do foryou.

What this article covers:

What Are The Best Fitting Black Jeans?

best fitting black jeans for guys

What do you mean when you say that you’re looking for the best-fitting men’s jeans? Are you looking for jeans that fit the average guy, or are the best-fitting men's jeans for a body type like yours? 

We’re willing to bet, it’s the latter. And that’s not always an easy task when you’re muscular. Fortunately, you don’t have to struggle to find the perfect pair of black jeans, anymore. 

You’ll find the best jeans for muscular legs and a small waist right here, at TAILORED ATHLETE. But what is it that makes them ideal for athletes, gym enthusiasts, sportsmen, and bodybuilders alike?  

The following features ensure that our muscle-fit jeans are always a cut above the rest.

  • Fashion-forward styling 
  • A range of colors from black, light grey, and dark grey to various shades of blue 
  • Designed with athletic bodies in mind
  • 4-way stretch fabric that moveswith you, not against you
  • Durable yet comfortable
  • Flattering fit for the sporty triangle-shape physique
  • Premium moisture-wicking fabric to keep you cool
  • Extra room for muscular legs, but still a form-following fit

That’s a lot of fashion value in a single garment!  And thanks to these premium features they’re undoubtedly the best jeans for bodybuilders and sportsmen, too. But why have you never enjoyed these benefits with other brands? Let’s examine why most jeans in the past didn’t fit you properly.

Why Most Black Jeans Don’t Fit You Properly

what are the best fitting black jeans for guys

We know their black jeans haven’t fit you properly in the past, even when they looked great in the store. But why? There are two main reasons for this, and they happen to be the two most important elements in the design of any garment - cut and fabric.

The Cut

The problem is, most men’s outfitters and fashion brands design their clothes to a generic template. This means that they’ll suit some guys well, but will just look acceptable on other men with average bodies. And very muscular men like sportsmen and weightlifters? Forget it!

The Fabric

Even jeans that claim to be made of ‘stretch fabric” aren’t going to work. They may fit better than non-stretch ones, but they only stretch 1 or 2 ways. And that doesn’t help when you’re very active and  have very muscular quads and calves

That’s why our jeans are the best jeans for athletic legs. We pay careful attention to both these aspects, with the muscular body in mind. All our clothes are designed for athletes, by athletes.

Why Are Black Jeans So Flattering?

what are the best fitting black jeans

You deserve top-quality jeans that fit your proportions and display your dedication to the ideal masculine physique. And we’re proud to say that we have the best men's athletic fit jeans in all colors. But what makes our black jeans in particular, so flattering? What has made them reach true iconic status? 

Once again, it boils down to two factors: style and versatility.

Black Jeans Are Always In Style

Black jeans have always been in style. Like the little black dress for women, black pants and jeans for men will never go out of vogue. Just a quick look through any fashion magazine will drive this point home. If you want to look good, you can always bet on black!

This fashion icon is loved by rock stars, actors, and even the fashion stylists themselves. But they’re not the only ones loving this look. The humble black jean has never fallen out of favor with men in general. Even a fleeting glimpse at the fashion street style in any major city will attest to this. 

And there’s a very good reason for it. Black jeans are incredibly versatile. 

Black Jeans Are Versatile

If jeans are the ultimate go-to garment for staying on trend - and they are - black jeans are the ultimate high-style version of them. It’s quite simple to understand why. Jeans are extremely versatile attire. They can be dressed up or dressed down, depending on the time of day and the occasion. 

best fitting black jeans for athletic guys

That’s why they are loved by socialites and office workers alike. They are also durable, comfortable, and extremely practical. And of course, jeans have always been a staple of any smart-casual wardrobe. This is probably why black is the most popular neutral, across the board. 

More people own black clothing than any other color, irrespective of their fashion leanings. In truth, it isn’t a true color at all, but the ‘sum of all colors. And that’s why it can be successfully paired with virtually any hue on the color wheel. With black jeans, you get more fashion choices for your money.

What to Wear With Your Black Jeans

You can wear our black jeans with just about anything and still look good. But why look good when you can look great? So try out our athletic-fit black jeans in one of these 5 exciting fashion combos and steal the spotlight wherever you go.

Set in Stone

Complement your black jeans with an athletic polo shirt for lunch dates, meeting up with friends or just running errands. 

Best athletic fit black jeans

Neutrals are the most versatile, and they never have to be boring. The trick is to select one that works with your natural coloring This ensures that you always look your best. Concrete grey will suit fair or cooler complexions best, while a sandy color choice is ideal for warmer skin tones.

Bold in Blue

Team your black jeans with a classic hue that is guaranteed to get you noticed at any party or after-hours event. 

Blue is the favorite color of most men and even some women. But there are many shades of blue, and you can alternate them depending on the occasion. A pique polo shirt in ink blue will fit your muscles and your party mood and is ideal for day or night.

best black jeans for athletic guys

Grey Skies

Pair your black jeans with a sweater in muted tones for running about town on those chilly winter mornings.  

Our long-sleeved crew-neck cotton knit in oatmeal is not only super-soft and cozy but also fits broad shoulders and muscular arms, perfectly. Also available in sky blue to add a hint of colorful cheer when the skies are grey.

best fitting black jeans for men

Daring Color Choices

Give your best-fitting black jeans a hint of drama on date nights with a richly-hued t-shirt worn under an open jacket or blazer. 

Red is excellent for nighttime outings, but it doesn’t work for everybody. So opt for the high-style wine red shade that complements every personality and skin tone: burgundy. 

Our muscle-fit t-shirt in burgundy cocoons your muscles like a cozy glove. It’s also available in several neutrals and fashionable colors. That’s good news because, with such great comfort, you’ll want to get it in all the colors.

best black jeans for guys

Classic Black & White

Want to flex your muscles as well as your business acumen? Your black jeans will do double duty as work attire when you wear them with another classic neutral for a more conservative look. 

When in doubt, go for a classic. And what could be more classic than a black-and-white ensemble? Like your black jeans, this color combo never goes out of style. So for a look that is ideal for the smart casual work environment, grab our muscle-fit signature shirt in white

best black jeans for athletic men

Final Thoughts

With such versatility and style, black jeans will always be the top choice for a carefully curated wardrobe. And now athletes, bodybuilders, and professional sportsmen can enjoy a great fit, too. 

For trendsetting garments that tick all the boxes, choose something from the TAILORED ATHLETE catalog, today. And always be dressed for success, no matter the occasion.

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