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Jeans are an essential part of everyday fashion. They’re comfortable and reliable, and you can pair them with almost anything. 

If you’re a short guy with big thighs then you may have difficulty finding jeans that fit. Taking your jeans to a tailor is both time-consuming and expensive. Luckily, there are jeans out there that can fit and look good on you. You need to look at the best jeans for short athletic legs.

In this article, we’ll discuss how to shop for jeans, as well as the best jeans for short legs and best-fitting jeans for big thighs.

What this article covers:

Jeans for Big Thighs

Shopping for jeans is challenging for all body types, but no matter if you have big thighs, small thighs, tall legs, or short legs, there are, in fact, jeans out there that will look good on you. If you have big thighs and choose the right style, then you no longer need to fear wearing denim jeans. You can find the best athletic fit jeans for you.

Straight-leg jeans are a flattering cut on most men and will likely never go out of style. You shouldn’t wear jeans that are boot-cut, flared, or very baggy. Avoid skinny jeans as they do not suit most men, especially men with big thighs. Remember that a slim fit and athletic fit are different from a skinny fit. What are the best slim-fit jeans?

best jeans for short legs

You can opt for a cropped inseam. You can go for ankle-length jeans as sometimes jeans can stack at the thighs. This can cause bunching at the knee and thigh as well. However, full-length jeans (if they are the correct fit) will also work well. 

If you’re shopping online then you’ll want to pay extra attention to the fabric. The best fabric for short, big thighs is stretch material with a blend of cotton with polyester, elastane, or lycra. The elastane and Lycra are the true 'stretch' fibers, while the polyesters help with stretch retention. 

This means your thighs will feel nicely held in and smooth. The jeans also won't lose their shape after a few hours.

Smaller waists are more common in women. However, if you have a small waist, then there is a way to avoid the waistband gap. The best jeans for muscular legs and small waist are out there. You should look for stretch jeans that have contoured waistbands with 'pitch'. 

best jeans for big thighs

When you lay a pair of jeans flat on a table, the front waist of the jeans sits lower than the back waist. The stretch accommodates thighs of all sizes, while the contoured, pitched waist fits small waists by wrapping around curves, preventing gaping and dipping in the back waist.

How to Shop for Jeans if You Have Short Legs

If shopping for denim jeans sounds daunting, don’t worry, here are some things you can do to make online shopping stress-free and fun. 

Get Measurements 

If you can’t manage to do the measurements yourself, it might be easier to get your partner or friend to help you. Knowing your measurements will benefit your shopping experience regardless of your leg length or size. Just make sure to now and then, retake your measurements to make sure you always get the perfect fit.

How To Measure: 

Waist: Find the narrowest point of your waist above your hips. 

Hips: Measure the widest part of your hips to make sure you will have enough room in the seat. 

Thighs: Wrap the tape around the largest part of your thighs snugly but not tightly. 

Inseam: Measure from the top of your thigh at the crotch, down to your ankle. 

It’s also best to avoid regular cropped jeans. It may seem like a denim hack, but cropped jeans fit awkwardly most of the time if you’ve got short legs. This is because the rise, knee break, or other measurements are not made for a small body type.   

jeans for short legs

Look at How the Denim Is Constructed

Denim jeans often come in a variety of different materials. Some of them have a lot of stretches, some have a little stretch, and some have no stretch at all. 

Generally, people find the best fit when the denim has a little stretch. This means enough to flex and move your body but not so much that the denim wears out quickly and loses its shape.  

Usually, you can see in the description of the jeans whether it has stretch or not. You can also check whether the material is made up of elastane or lycra as these will provide stretch.

Check the Fit Details on the Website and Reviews 

Shopping online for denim jeans can be challenging because there can be so much size variation from one company to another. You might notice that you are a different size depending on the brand. This variation can make shopping painful. 

Once you’ve got your measurements, look on the brand’s website to see if they offer fit details.  

jeans for big thighs

You can look for rise, inseam, and leg opening measurements to help you find the perfect fit. Brands sometimes also list their denim jeans as True to Size. This means that the size that you order will be what you are expecting. Websites sometimes also show what size the model in the picture is wearing. 

This can give you an idea of the sizing as you can compare the size to the model's body type.  

Checking reviews can also be helpful. Websites sometimes use a star rating or comments. These sections can help you to see if other customers found the products to be True to Size. 

The Best Jeans for Short Legs

The Best Jean Rise for Short Legs

There are three different types of rise for jeans: low, mid, and high. Low-rise jeans sit just above the hips and sit well below the navel. This style of jeans was popular back in the 90s and early 2000s but has lost its popularity. 

Mid-rise and high-rise jeans are more popular these days with men. Higher-rise jeans can be a great option because they sit higher on the waist and can flatten the stomach. These are all things to consider when looking for the best jeans for short men.

big thighs jeans

The best-rise jeans for short men would be mid-rise. The added height will make you look taller and give your legs a more proportional look to your body. A high rise might make your legs look too long in proportion to your body. While a low rise will make you look shorter. Ultimately, it all comes down to what you prefer. 

The Best Jean Length for Short Legs

When looking for jeans for short legs, the problem isn’t the width but the length. Most jeans brands rarely make jeans below 30 in length. Even if you happen to find some, they might be too small in other areas. 

Keep in mind that the length measurement does not measure the actual length of the entire pants. Instead, it measures the length of the inseam on the inside of your leg up to the inside of your thigh. So if you need to figure out what length pants you need, make sure you are measuring the inseam and not the outside of your leg to your hips.

The Best Denim Wash for Short Legs

The more solid the wash of your jeans, the longer your leg line becomes. This goes for colored denim and prints too. It’s best to avoid washes with whiskering or fading. Try to stick to a consistent wash, color, or print down the leg. This will make sure the length is not broken up.

short legs jeans

Best Denim Trends To Make Legs Look Longer

If you’re short you should get pants with legs that are slim and make your legs look longer. A straight or slim fit is highly recommended. These two types of jeans have leg openings that are the same size as the knee or smaller than the knee. This cuts down on the bulky fabric and helps jeans for short legs and big thighs look like a good fit.

You should try to avoid baggy jeans or jeans with a large leg opening like the bootleg cut. This will make you look shorter with all the extra fabric.  

Cuffing your jeans at the end of your legs is a good styling option. If you have jeans that you’ve already purchased and want to work with, try cuffing them. Just make sure that your cuffs are not too short and that they are in proportion to the length of your legs. 

How to Style Jeans for Short Legs and Big Thighs

Style tips can be used to enhance your look.

A shoe of the same color can go well with your jeans and even elongate the look of your legs.

jeans for short legs and big thighs

You can pair your jeans with men’s athletic fit t-shirts, formal shirts, or hoodies depending on the occasion. You can also style your jeans with a belt.

The Best Jeans for Short Legs and Muscular Thighs

Our suggestion for the best jeans for short legs and muscular thighs are the Muscle-Fit jeans from TAILORED ATHLETE. These jeans are scientifically designed, with premium 4-way stretch fabric, to fit your muscular frame. This is a form-flattering fit that will fit your big thighs perfectly.

These 'True Muscle Fit' Jeans are constructed from a unique stretch fabric, with a real denim feel.

best big thighs jeans

These jeans have excellent craftsmanship and features such as reinforced seams. TAILORED ATHLETE has used measurements from thousands of Athletes to ensure the perfect fit, guaranteed. The Muscle Fit jeans are designed for ultimate comfort and versatility.

Not only are they comfortable, but they also have a modern style which makes these easy to dress up or down no matter the occasion. They are best paired with our signature shirts and are perfect for everyday wear, social, date night, or casual office occasions.

These jeans are machine washable and made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane to give you the perfect amount of stretch.

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