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Understanding the ins and outs of fashion isn’t for everyone, and there are so many things to keep in mind at once that things can quickly get confusing.

Fortunately, we’ve put together the perfect guide so you can understand how your jeans should fit. We cover everything from how long your jeans should be to common signs your jeans are too tight.

If you’re a muscular or athletic man, this is for you, since there are certain aspects you need to take into account before buying a pair of jeans just because they look good on the shelf.

We know that finding the right fit has become a sore point for you, so we’re also going to suggest some great products made just for your body type.

What this article covers:

How Should Men’s Jeans Fit?

To give you effortless style, you need to make sure your jeans, whether they’re skinny, straight, or bootleg, fit properly. 

There are many ways to style jeans, so you should keep this in mind when you choose a pair. They look just as good with a little extra length on your shoes and when they're turned up above the ankle. If you opt for this style, you need skinny jeans so that the ankle stays turned up.

how men's jeans should fit

We know that skinny jeans can be extremely difficult to find for your body type, though. They’re either too tight over your thighs or too loose at the hips because you need to size up to accommodate your muscles. 

This is where TAILORED ATHLETE’s True Muscle Fit jeans prove to be an invaluable addition to your wardrobe. Our men's athletic jeans give you the look of close-fitting, skinny jeans without constricting your movement and risking the seams coming apart.

Jeans are much more adaptable to your personal style preferences than formal pants like chinos and trousers. At the moment, it’s trendy for jeans to be shorter than they were in the past. A common length people opt for is called the “ankle grazer” which sits just above the ankle. 

We believe a timeless look will serve you best. This means including some of the latest trends you really enjoy, like a shorter ankle, but finding a pair of jeans that fits you properly. 

how jeans should fit men

Choose jeans that are skinny enough to give you some flexibility depending on how long you want them around your ankles. Remember, skinny jeans give you the option to fold up the ankle area if you wish because they’re stable enough to hold the fold. 

If you like your jeans at this length, you can have them re-hemmed to stay that way. What you can’t do is add length to your jeans once you purchase them.

How Should Skinny Jeans Fit Men?

Skinny and slim-fit jeans are massively popular at the moment. We know that as an athlete, you struggle to find this popular style in a fit made for your body, though. 

So, why are they so popular? They’re one of the most versatile styles available. You can pair them with a variety of footwear and can wear them at different lengths. This gives you the freedom to tailor your look to your specific style, looking good for just about any event.

What’s important is that you have the correct length for your body as well as the shoes you want to pair with them. 

how are jeans supposed to fit

For example, if you’re going for sleek sneakers, you should definitely wear skinny jeans that graze your ankles. Skinny jeans should fit the ankle so the tops of your shoes are covered, but not so much they hide your sneakers.

In general, jeans should be long enough to reach your ankles with a little bit of extra fabric so they don’t pull up when you walk. They should also be short enough that the hems don't drag on the floor and pick up dirt. This damages the fabric over time, making you look untidy and shortening the lifespan of your clothes.

The length of your jeans should also complement your body type. If you’ve got a traditional athletic body that’s on the skinnier side, you can opt for shorter skinny jeans as you don’t need to worry about creating the illusion of a bulkier body.

If you’ve got a more muscular build, we suggest going with skinny jeans with a bit more length on them. Shorter skinny jeans might make you look short and stumpy, whereas longer skinny jeans will give you the illusion of having longer legs.

Thigh Area

We know the thigh area is a sore point for you if you have an athletic frame. So how should the thigh area of your jeans fit?

how are men's jeans supposed to fit

The seams of your jeans should sit close to your thigh area. This should be without the jeans pulling at your knees when you bend over or sit down. If they do pull like this, your jeans are a bit too tight.

If you pull at the mid-thigh portion of your jeans, you should be able to lift about half an inch of fabric from your leg. It might be a bit less if you’re wearing skinny jeans, but you should be able to pull at least a bit of fabric away from your legs.

If you can’t do this, your jeans are likely too tight around the thigh area, not leaving room for thigh movement and pulling other areas of your jeans too tight as well. 

It’s also important that you can’t pull more than an inch of fabric away from your leg at the thigh area. This means your jeans are too big and they’re going to hang off of you in an unflattering way, hiding all your hard-earner definition. 

Jeans that are too small can stretch a bit to accommodate your body, but jeans that are too big will only look worse over time. They become more ill-fitting as you wear them.

Waist Area

The waist and seat area of your jeans should fit comfortably without a belt. A belt should be a fashion accessory. It shouldn’t be necessary to keep your pants held up.

how should jeans fit at the ankle

Your jeans should sit nicely on your upper hips without any signs of sagging. If your jeans are doing this, it means they don’t fit you properly. You’ll end up looking disheveled and have to constantly rearrange your pants, even if you have a belt to try and keep things in place.

The back bottom area of your jeans should gently hold your seat, but shouldn’t restrict movement when you bend or sit down. There also shouldn’t be any stress on the middle stitching when you bend or sit down. Over time, this can lead to your jeans popping open at the seams.

If you’re looking for a way to tell if your jeans are too tight in this area, there’s a simple trick. If you look at the lower portion and can see the contour where the seat area ends and the lower thigh area starts, your jeans are definitely too tight. There should be a bit more “breathing” space here.

How Tight Should Jeans Be?

This really depends on your preference, but there are certain limits your jeans shouldn’t exceed. Jeans that don’t fit you right can make you look extra sloppy and they’re going to be uncomfortable.

If you have a muscular build, stretch denim is your best friend. It’s important to take note of the quality of the jeans you buy, though. Cheap stretch denim might look great for a few weeks, but after this will lose its shape.

how should jeans fit when sitting

Go for a fabric that has a high cotton content, a small polyester content, and a little bit of something stretchy like elastane in it. This blend keeps its shape over time while molding to your body to create an effortlessly well-put-together look.

What Cut Should I Wear as an Athlete?

So now you know what fabric to look out for, but what cut should you wear? Are skinny jeans your best option? Why do jeans fit differently?

At TAILORED ATHLETE, we’ve created the perfect fit for athletes with your muscular body shape. We spend years doing research into what was needed, and we’re athletes ourselves, so we have good insight into what works and what doesn’t. 

We created the True Muscle Fit, which we’ve applied to a range of jeans to fit athletes perfectly. It’s scientifically designed to fit your body, based on real research and insights. Our men’s athletic-fit jeans are perfect for you.

We found that athletes with more muscular bodies always need to size up at least once or twice when buying jeans. This is because your thighs are much larger than most clothing companies give you space for.

how tight should jeans fit

The problem with this is that the jeans don’t sit properly on your waist, which is why it’s so hard to find jeans that fit. They’re too loose, and you end up needing to keep them up with a belt. This never looks great – as we mentioned earlier, belts should be an accessory, not a necessity. 

Common Signs Your Jeans Are too Tight

It can be hard to tell if your jeans are actually too tight or if you just need some time to wear them in. Fortunately, there are a few key indicators you can look for to know if your jeans really fit.

First of all, if you’re doing the classic “wiggle” into your jeans when you put them on, they’re definitely too tight. 

Another sign of your jeans being too tight is the fabric starting to wrinkle near the crotch area. This means the fabric is being stretched too much, and the fibers are unable to return to their original positioning.

If your jeans flatten out your rear instead of highlighting the results of all those squats, they’re too tight. If they’re flattening that area, it means there isn’t enough material for your body to sit comfortably. It’s being squished to fit into jeans that are too small – time to size up!

Lastly, if you’re struggling to move around in your jeans, they’re too tight. That pinching feeling is the result of the fabric not fitting adequately over your legs. 

True Muscle-Fit Jeans

We know that you’ve struggled to find jeans in the past that fit you well, and our True Muscle Fit jeans are the perfect solution to your problem. 

They pair perfectly with our shirt range, also designed using our True Muscle Fit design. TAILORED ATHLETE is the best place to find jeans that fit if you’re an athlete and you’ve struggled to find pants in the past.

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