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Ever had the experience of trying on a new pair of black jeans in your size, only to find it fits differently than your blue jeans? Sure, there are sometimes slight discrepancies in size, but this is something different. Something you can’t put your finger on. 

The black jeans may fit and look different to your blue jeans, despite being the same size and style. It’s a bit of a mystery, isn’t it? But why do black jeans fit differently? Is it due to differences in their manufacturing process, or are there other factors at play? Like a trick of the eye.

Find out the main reasons for this fashion phenomenon in this short guide.

What this article covers:

Why Do Black Jeans Fit Differently? 

It’s possible to find jeans that fit without trying them on in the store. This works for both men and women. First, you look at the waist size. Then the inseam size. And lastly, if applicable, the rise. If you’re still unsure, several well-known hacks exist that can give you an idea of whether or not they’ll fit.

why do black jeans fit tighter

But despite all this, you may arrive home with your newly purchased black jeans and get a nasty surprise. They just don’t fit the way you expected them to. In fact, they’re a lot tighter than you thought they’d be. What happened? 

Why Do Black Jeans Fit Tighter? 

This is not always a black jeans issue, because same-size jeans fit differently from brand to brand, regardless of their color. It’s a well-known fashion mystery that has plagued people for years. The reason why jeans differ in fit is often down to the margin of error during manufacturing.

Manufacturing Margin Of Error

Because jeans are cut to a template, in bulk, this stacking process causes a small discrepancy. In fact, in some factories, it’s not that small! That’s why it’s always a good idea to grab more than two pairs of the same size off the rack in a store and try them all on.
black jeans fit tighter

The Fabric

This margin of error is further compounded by the choice of fabric. Some fabrics just don’t hold up well to wash and wear. So when they get laundered, they may shrink. And you’ll find that those snug-fit jeans fit even more tightly than before.

The Dyeing Process

And the final issue that is caused by the manufacturing process, is the dyes used to color your jeans black. Remember that almost every garment is dyed, but not all dyes are alike. Some cause shrinkage, and so by the time you wear those new black jeans, they fit a lot tighter than expected.

Why Do Black Jeans Make You Look Thinner? 

The above factors are not the only reasons why black jeans seem tighter. Often, it’s an illusion. Black jeans make you look thinner. Hence, you perceive them as tighter. And why do they make you look thinner? It’s because dark colors make an area recede, just as light colors visually widen an area.

When you wear a pair of black jeans that are already slim fit, like skinny jeans, this impression will be even stronger. Of course, the style of your jeans plays an important role in the fit. Skinny jeans will always fit tighter than relaxed-fit jeans. And think they’ll make you look thinner, too.
do black jeans fit differently

How Should Your Black Slim Fit Jeans Fit And Feel?

So, how tight should slim-fit jeans be? Slim-fit jeans should fit snugly, not be unbearably tight. This is an important distinction. For a better fit, check that your slim-fit jeans meet the following criteria:

  • Snug against the legs
  • Tapered down to the ankle
  • Follow the natural contours of the leg muscles
  • Not restrictive nor baggy
  • Like a second skin - but you should still be able to move freely
  • Two fingers can fit between the front waistline and your abs (Less means they’re too tight. More means they’re too loose) 

Do Black Jeans Suit Muscular Legs?

Black jeans, like dark wash blue jeans, look great on muscular legs. They showcase your muscular definition without overemphasizing bulk. Slim-fit jeans are a great look for athletes because their slight taper toward the ankle draws the line along the length of the leg. 

Black slim-fit jeans can make you look tall and sleek, while still offering excellent definition. They are the perfect meeting ground between showing off your physique and streamlining your look. And we have the best athletic fit tapered jeans right here, at  Tailored Athlete
jeans fit tighter

The Perfect Pair Of Black Jeans To Fit Your Frame

If you’ve been wondering how to find jeans that fit perfectly every time, your search is over. We know how important it is to find jeans that fit your body, flatter your musculature, and still look good. 

But why is it so hard to find jeans that fit your muscular frame? Other menswear brands may have some great fashion ideas, but they just don’t understand athletic bodies as we do. Our jeans are co-designed by athletes, not just fashion designers.

Our slim-fit athletic-fit jeans are available in various shades of blue, neutral tones, and of course black. They are crafted from durable fabrics with just the right amount of stretch to accommodate your muscles with ease. And best of all, our comprehensive range of athletic-fit men’s garments all coordinate perfectly with each other. So you’ll never have to worry about what to wear, at work or at play. 

What To Wear With Your Black Jeans

Black is a neutral that goes well with anything. Pair with a polo shirt in another neutral for a sophisticated look. Or a crisp white shirt for a classic ensemble. 
fit tighter jeans

Of course, our range of athletic fit t-shirts in a selection of colors will do the job nicely for your leisure time, too. You can find all these and more on our site. 

Final Thoughts On Why Black Jeans Fit Differently

So, what’s the verdict on why black jeans fit differently? Sometimes it’s a margin of error in the manufacturing process. And sometimes it’s due to cheaper fabrics or dyes. But most often, it’s an illusion. 

Fortunately, you’ll never have to worry about lax manufacturing standards or poor-quality materials anymore. Every pair of black jeans you purchase from  Tailored Athlete is designed to fit and flatter your physique. 

And we make them the only way we know how -  to the most demanding standards of fashion and style

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