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People with triangle body shapes don’t need to feel left out when trying to find a pair of jeans for their body. 

There’s this misconception that triangle-shaped guys need to sacrifice style for comfort when choosing jeans but that simply isn’t true.

Let’s have a look at the best jeans for a triangle body shape.

What this article covers:

What Is a Triangle Body Shape?

best jeans for triangle shape

The typical triangle-shaped body type is a slender figure with a narrow shoulder and chest. They also have longer necks and sloping shoulders.

When someone with this body type gains weight, the weight is distributed among the chest, face, and abdomen. 

This makes the body appear as if it’s out of proportion as little-to-no fat is going down to the legs.

If you have a triangle body shape, you’re going to ask yourself “What is the best jeans fit for me?” Well, we’re going to help you answer that question and give you a few suggestions.

How to Know if I Have a Triangle Body Shape?

The easiest way to determine whether you have a triangle body shape is to look at your waist and hips. You’re a triangle body shape if your waist and hips are wide, as well as having narrow shoulders.

In other words, the lower half of your body is larger than the upper section.

It’s not uncommon for men to have this body shape but we need to get down to what jeans will complement that shape.

Jeans for a Triangle Body Shape

jeans for triangle body type

Classic Fit Jeans

You can’t go wrong with the classic-fit jeans. Classic fit is a style that comes close to being baggy and loose but falls short.

Classic is a term used in the fashion industry to describe a jeans’ normal fit, a style designed with the average frame in mind.

A classic fit is comfortable because it isn't cut too close to the body, not focusing on the definition and form-fitting design for those wanting to show off an athletic build.

As we breakdown what are the different types of jeans that fit men, we start to see that certain jeans are catered toward certain body types. 

What makes the classic stand out is that anyone can wear it.

However, a strong and muscular person with an inverted triangle will find difficulty wearing these as they won’t sculpt their physique.

The Shape

jeans for triangle figure

When we look at the cut of classic-fit jeans, we can see that it is a generic shape that conceals the leg beneath the fabric. This is due to the extra fabric found in the loose and baggy fits.

Since classic-fit jeans are cut with a generic body shape in mind, they tend to be tight in some places and loose in others, resulting in a lack of sizing consistency.

The material might not be stretchy, but a triangle-shaped man can get a lot out of a classic fit.

In terms of shape, the classic is aimed at the average person who wants to feel comfortable while also looking fashionable.

You've probably seen this style worn by fathers with larger bodies, hence the term dad jeans. This is also why this pair of jeans is considered the best-fitting jeans for older guys too.

Regular Fit

This fit bears a similar resemblance to classic fit but has enough characteristics to distinguish itself from it.

Regular-fit clothes sit looser around the body without being baggy.

However, this does not imply that the regular fit is sloppy or unprofessional.

It’s tailored to different body shapes and sizes, including both triangle body shapes and inverted triangles. The regular fit is also more constricting than the classic cut.


Regular-fit jeans should have 2-3 inches of room for your thighs. They taper slightly from hip to thigh but are one loose diameter from thigh to ankle.

best jeans for the triangle shape

What makes regular fit could for those who are regular gym goers is that the extra room allows them to fit better on the larger or more athletic bodies.

If your legs are more muscular than average, the extra space in a regular fit seat may be more comfortable and provide a wider range of motion than other fits.

So an inverted and regular triangle-shaped body will feel comfortable in this.

Relaxed Fit

Relaxed-fit jeans are looser than the classic fit ones and compliment triangle bodies more.

It still isn’t the most ideal for those who are muscly and have an inverted triangle, but it can be worn by them if you seek comfort over style.

They provide additional legroom in the seat, crotch, and thigh area.

This type of jeans was popular in the 90s when baggy clothing was fashionable. However, there appears to be a revival, as with most fashion trends.


A relaxed fit is not always considered baggy, as that is a separate style. Instead, a relaxed fit falls somewhere between a regular and a baggy fit.

triangle body type jeans

If you want to wear jeans to work but don't want to look skin-tight, go for relaxed-fit jeans.

Wearing skinny jeans or a similar tight-fitting cut will be uncomfortable if you have larger hips and thighs. 

It also creates the illusion that your body is proportionate if you have a triangle-shaped body.

So as much as these aren’t the best jeans for bodybuilders, you can wear them if you’re wanting to feel comfortable in what you wear.

You can also tailor or taper it to you’re liking but it won’t compliment your physique from the get-go.

Relaxed-fit jeans are more comfortable than slim-fit jeans, but they go too far in the opposite direction.

They don't show anybody's definition because they're so much looser.

If you have a narrow waist and sculpted calves, they will be hidden beneath the slack denim unless you taper or tailor the jeans.

Straight Fit

The straight fit is a style that incorporates elements of the tailored look but shares its comfort with the more classic and relaxed fit.

The way this style sits on the body is what gives it the appearance of a tapered or tailored fit.

flattering jeans for triangle body

It’s not the best jeans for bodybuilder legs like yours, but it does cater to those with big thighs and calves.

Straight-fit jeans sit closer to the body because they are narrower in design, and certain areas of pants are more expansive and designed to accommodate those with larger thighs.

This makes it perfect for those with a top-heavy triangle-shaped body as it won’t be too tight as if you were wearing skinny jeans.

As soon as someone with a triangle-shaped body wears something too skinny, all the attention is focused on their torso.

The Shape

Most people agree that straight-fit clothing is ideal for bridging the smart-casual divide.

When we speak about straight fit, we’re referring to the cut that runs from the hip to the ankle.

The fabric is cut in a straight line, describing the fabric's silhouette. These jeans do a great job of showing the physique of whoever wears them.

jeans for triangle body shape

A straight fit has a leg opening diameter of 10 to 11 inches and a mid-to-high rise.

We did say that gym goers may find some luck with the Straight fit jeans, but they won’t be suitable for athletes who move around a lot.

The tapering around the seams can cut into your skin, causing a slew of issues.

One of these is constantly moving around and vigorous motions will increase the likelihood of them breaking around the seams.

An athlete can wear these jeans if they’re not going to be running around and simply want to show off their physique.

Slim Fit

You would be surprised how well a pair of slim-fit jeans compliment the physique of both a triangle and an inverted triangle-shaped man.

If you're a bigger guy, you should know that if done correctly, slim jeans can look great on you.

Slim-fit jeans, like straight-leg jeans, have a narrower leg opening that does not flap or flares out.

They shape the wearer's physique while being a less baggy fit than regular jeans.

Slim fit isn’t to be confused with skinny jeans. They are significantly different, and the latter doesn’t work for both inverted and regular triangle-shaped men.

Skinny jeans are much more fitted and reveal every curve and angle of your body.

Skinny jeans are also made of a stretchy material and are great for showing off your lean frame, but they're not nearly as comfortable as slim-fit jeans.

One of the differences between slim fit and skinny is that the slim fit has wider leg openings.

triangle body type jeans for men

Skinny-fit jeans have much smaller circumference legs, whereas slim-fit jeans have regular straight legs.

Skinny-fit jeans aren’t ideal for triangle-shaped men, both inverted and regular, as you will feel restricted in your clothing.

If you prefer something with more breathing room, go for a pair of slim-fit jeans.

The Shape

There may be slight fit differences between manufacturers and their slim-fit jeans, but the overall shape is narrow down the legs and even more so near the bottom.

Slim-fit jeans are great because they allow you to move freely while still conforming to the structure of your frame and making you look super stylish.

This is why regular gym goers may find this fit perfect, but those with slightly bigger thighs may find it too tight.

Jeans with a slim fit closely hug your body without being skin-tight.

Inverted Triangle

If you have broad shoulders and a slim waist and hips, you have an inverted triangle.

If you spend a lot of time working out your upper body and notice improvements in your shoulders and arms, an inverted triangle body shape will perfectly describe you.

Athletes and gym goers find it difficult to find a jean that’ll fit them properly.

jeans for triangle body figure

We have put together some of the best jeans for athletic men with inverted triangle bodies. You shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for style.

How Do I Know if I Have an Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

It’s also known as the V-shaped body and can be characterized by a narrow chest, hips, and waist paired with broad shoulders.

If you want to do a more measured approach, you’ll need a measuring tape.

Take the full width of your shoulders, bust, and hips to determine whether you fall under this category.

You have an inverted triangle body shape if your bust and hips are roughly the same widths, with your waist being significantly smaller.

Jeans for Inverted Triangle body shape

Athletic Fit

Athletic fit jeans give you more room above the knee while keeping the popular tapered leg of modern fashion below the knee.

This means that anyone with a completely slim and flat body, or those who are muscly from hard work at the gym, can look and feel stylish in an athletic fit.

This is where TAILORED ATHELE’s True Muscle Fit Jeans come into play. If you’re looking for the best fitting black jeans or want something in any other color, our catalog will have something for you.

jeans for triangle built body

We provide athletes with some of the best athletic fit jeans, other trousers, and shirts so that you can feel comfortable and look stylish at the same.


When we use the term athletic to describe a pair of jeans, it makes sense as this style is best suited to people with muscular or rounded thighs.

If you're a musical person and you try to put on a pair of skinny jeans, chances are that you’re going to be frustrated because the waist fits but the seat and thighs don't.

This is why you should consider the athletic fit style so that you can be comfortable and have a pair of jeans that compliments your physique. 


You can have a triangle body shape or an inverted one and there’s bound to be a fit for you.

If you feel like you’re an athlete and there are no styles of jeans to match your physique, we hope that by reading our list your mind has changed.

Find a style that doesn’t sacrifice comfort for style. It needs both parts equally.

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