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If you’re a gym-goer or athlete with athletic legs, you probably know the struggle in finding jeans that fit. 

You’ll be glad to know that you don’t need to suffer by wearing uncomfortable jeans. There are options out there that cater to your muscular build. So, what are the best athletic-fit jeans for men?

We want to break down the subject and tell you what the best jeans for athletic legs are, as well as the best jeans for short muscular legs for the short kings out there.

Best Jeans For Athletes

best jeans for muscular thighs

Jeans are essential in any man's wardrobe since they can be worn for almost any occasion. However, for athletic guys, finding jeans that fit right can be challenging.

The wrong pair of jeans can be uncomfortable and can even result in ripping them. So, what fit jeans should you wear?

When looking for jeans that fit a muscular build, try to find ones that have more room around the thigh. You should also try to avoid boot cuts and relaxed fits. A slim straight cut and tapered leg can work because it prevents a bulky lower leg. 

Check out the best slim-fit tapered jeans to find out more. But if you want to skip all the reading and go straight for something that will fit you the first time around, check out our athletic-fit men’s jeans for all your denim needs.

best jeans for athletes

The selections below are carefully selected based on fabric, cut, and amount of stretch.

Best Jeans For Muscular Thighs

There are a few things to look for to find jeans that fit muscular thighs. Firstly, the material is important. Jeans that have no stretch are not good for muscular thighs. You want to find fabrics such as cotton blends with elastane or something with a bit of stretch. 

Our Tru Muscle-Fit jeans are the best jeans for big quads since the premium 4-way stretch fabric means the denim can contour around your thighs and still show off your calves without hanging like a curtain.

These fabrics create a slimming effect and allow you to move freely throughout the day. Lighter washes also minimize bulkiness. This is just one of the factors that make our jeans the best fit jeans for large thighs.


best athletic jeans

TAILORED ATHLETE offers Muscle Fit jeans which are perfect for muscular thighs. These jeans are scientifically designed, with stretch fabric, to fit your muscular frame. 

The stretch fabric allows you to move freely throughout the day and the jeans perform in sync with your body. They are designed for ultimate comfort and versatility.

These jeans are also suited for all occasions.

Apart from the stretch fabric, they also have reinforced seams, are machine washable, and are made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

Best Jeans For Short Muscular Legs

If you have short muscular legs, then the most flattering color for you is black. A pair of black slim-fit jeans paired with black shoes will immediately extend your legs and make you look taller.

Slim-fit jeans work for stocky guys, too. Try to avoid relaxed-fit jeans as these cover the thighs and leave a lot of extra fabric around the calves.

Remember to avoid baggy pants. If you’re short, this will only make your legs look shorter (and stocky guys look stockier). Baggy pants are difficult to pull off on a regular height, and therefore, they just don’t work well on short guys.


best jeans for athletic body type

The TAILORED ATHLETE muscle-fit jeans in black are the perfect option for men with short muscular legs. 

This is because the solid black helps to elongate the legs. They are designed with unique stretch fabric and 'True Muscle Fit', so that you no longer need to worry about the size not fitting properly. These jeans perform in sync with your body and offer ultimate comfort and versatility.

You can also wear these jeans for all occasions and they are best teamed with the Signature Shirts.

The Muscle-Fit Jeans in black are made with stretch fabric, reinforced seams, and are machine washable. They’re also made with a comfortable combination of 95% cotton and 5% elastane.

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