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After the hard work it takes to transform your body, you’ve probably found yourself struggling to find clothes that actually suit your silhouette. Finding the right jeans to compliment muscular legs and a small waist can be especially challenging.

When you want to cultivate a personal style alongside your peak physical condition, it gets difficult to put together the outfits you see in your mind.

We’ve got the answers to all your questions. Our athletic-fit men's jeans focus solely on the needs of the athletic man. If you often find yourself reaching for baggy clothes due to the lack of options, it’s time to discover a brand that celebrates you.

What this article covers:

    The Importance of the Right Jeans

    Jeans that fit properly keep you looking your best and feeling comfortable in any situation. Having the right clothes to properly show the results of your efforts in the gym can be a huge confidence booster. If you have a big event coming up, you want to show up looking fantastic.

    If you’ve been trying to achieve a specific look or aesthetic, finding the best jeans for bodybuilders that actually fit well and accentuate your physique will elevate your look. It can go from just another outfit to an intentional style choice. You can be athletic and fashionable at the same time.

    best jeans for bodybuilder legs

    High-quality jeans can last for many years and if they fit perfectly they will quickly become a staple in your wardrobe. Jeans can be dressed up or down, so they’re also a very versatile item to have in your closet. You can mix and match a variety of shirts to create different looks.

    How to Make Sure You Choose the Perfect Jeans

    • Go shopping with your measurements. When trying to find the perfect pants, ensure you know what feels comfortable. Take your favorite pair of pants and make a note of the measurements. This gives you a stronger starting point when shopping for jeans.
    • Look closely at the little details. Things like zips and buttons affect not only comfort but also the functionality of the pants. If the zip isn’t good quality, it will break quickly, making the jeans practically useless.
    • Pick your fit. There are a variety of jean-fits available. Each style comprises an entirely different look and can look vastly different on the range of body shapes in the world. You can’t find the best-fitting jeans for thick thighs in any store, so if you’re a larger, athletic guy, you might have to go to a specialist store.
    best jeans for big quads

    Different Types of Men's Jeans Fit

    There are constant innovations in the fashion world which means that there are potentially hundreds of different types of men’s jeans fits. A few of the most popular jean fits include the classics and a few more modern styles like the slim fit.

    • Tapered fit: This style has sharp lines which give it a tailored, close-cut appearance.
    • Skinny fit: These pants are very modern and can look very slick when well-fitted.
    • Slim fit: This tight-fitting cut is flattering and tight while still feeling comfortable.
    • Straight cut: This classic style is perfect for a variety of occasions, both casual and smart.
    • Stretch fit: This stylish jean fit is stretchy but is often cut straight up and down.
    • Relaxed fit: These pants offer a more casual look while staying stylish and comfortable.
    • Boot cut: This style is the perfect choice for showing off fashionable shoes.

    What Jeans Should Men with Muscular Legs Wear?

    If you’re a die-hard jeans purist, the idea of wearing stretchy jeans might put you off. However, we have developed a 4-way premium stretch fabric that will revolutionize the way you think about stretch denim. If you’ve been missing the perfect jeans, TAILORED ATHLETE has what you need.

    best jeans for big legs small waist

    The best-fitting jeans for men are those designed with the specific needs of muscular men in mind. When you have a rare body type, it’s essential to seek out the brands that cater to your niche. The jeans you buy need to have extra room for your calves, thighs, and glutes.

    The best men's jeans for athletic thighs are made with our signature super-soft performance fabric. They’re moisture-wicking and have crease-resistant properties to keep you looking your best all day. The disheveled look that comes from wearing ill-fitting pants is a thing of the past.

    We have done thousands of hours of research to find out exactly what athletes need from their clothes, and have delivered an incredible range of garments made by athletes for athletes. If you regularly have to size up just to fit your muscular legs into your pants, we have the ultimate solution.

    What Should You Wear with Your Jeans?

    We’ve developed a number of garments tailored to your athletic physique. Our classic button-up shirts come in a range of styles to suit different dress codes. Gone are the days of buying jeans two sizes too big and spending a fortune having them tailored. Our jeans are made to fit your body right out of the box.

    best jeans for bodybuilder

    Our True Muscle-Fit jeans can easily take you from the office to an after-hours party. All you need to do is change out of your True Muscle-Fit dress shirt into an athletic-fit smart-casual open-collar polo shirt or a long sleeve crew neck.

    best jeans for muscular legs


    Our commitment to excellence drives us to continuously innovate and find better solutions for common problems. The struggle to find clothes that suit your muscular physique is over. We are a one-stop shop for all your wardrobe requirements.

    We also make our own signature knitwear, hoodies, and underwear all designed with the same philosophy of supreme comfort for athletic bodies. We believe your efforts in the gym should be rewarded with clothes that make you look as good as you feel.

    Best Jeans for Muscular Legs and a Small Waist (FAQs)

    What Does Athletic-Fit Mean for Jeans?

    Athletic-fit jeans have more room in the thighs and backside while still being tapered at the knee. The leg opening is also slimmer than the calf which creates a sleek and stylish look. Athletic-fit jeans are modern and fashion-forward while still being the perfect neutral item.

    What Type of Jeans Should Muscular Guys Wear?

    Jeans with tapered legs are best for muscular men. They have enough room for freedom of movement without sacrificing the silhouette. The TAILORED ATHLETE athletic fit jeans are tapered for maximum comfort and style.

    best jeans for big legs

    Which Jeans Are Best for Athletes?

    The best jeans are those that allow you to live your active lifestyle to the fullest. Our premium stretch fabric will move with you no matter what life throws at you. The material is absorbent and breathable to keep you comfortable in any situation.

    Which Jeans Cuts Look Good with Thick Thighs?

    Our athletic-fit jeans are tailored to taper in at the waist while leaving extra room for large legs. Our jeans fit every part of your body as they should. Often when you have thick thighs, your jeans will gap at the waist, creating an awkward silhouette. 

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