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As athletes, there is nothing we find more frustrating than spending countless hours of hard work in the gym to achieve a physique that we can be proud of, only to discover that none of the clothes on sale today fit the muscular body in a flattering way. 

Fortunately, at TAILORED ATHLETE we believe that our athletic physiques should not be the reason why we’re prevented from looking good, and aim to solve this problem by designing clothingfor athletesby athletes.

In this article, we’ll explore some of the reasons why off-the-rack jeans are a no-go for individuals with a muscular physique and, in doing so, show you why our jeansTAILORED ATHLETE are the solution to all these issues and the best athletic fit jeans overall. 

Problems With Off-the-Rack Jeans

The main problem with off-the-rack jeans is that they’re designed to fit the average human physique. Because the average person’s legs aren’t generally muscular (or excessively so), the legs of off-the-rack jeans are designed to be narrow so that they are not too loose around the wearer’s legs.

In addition to this, off-the-rack jeans also accommodate individuals who have larger waists, be it as a result of their natural physique or because they are in bad shape. 
best pants for bodybuilders

Unfortunately, as a result of all these accommodations made for the average consumer, more often than not, these “normal” jeans not only tend to look unflattering on individuals who have reached the upper echelon of the human physique but also fit uncomfortably on them too.

This means that when you try these jeans on, you’ll notice that your usual size sits perfectly around your waist but sits extremely tight around your calves and upper legs.

The logical thing to do in this scenario would be to try a pair that are one or two sizes bigger. However, you’ll soon realize that while this bigger pair now sits snug around your legs, it is way too loose around your waist and bottom. 

The end result is that you end up having to settle for one of these two options despite the fact that neither of them actually sits comfortably and looks flattering on you. However, as you’ll see below, this problem is now a problem of the past as we have put a solution on the market. 

If you have a good men’s jeans-fit guide, you can work around these problems.

The Best Jeans for Bodybuilders

At TAILORED ATHLETE, we take pride in saying that we truly have the best jeans for bodybuilders and we attribute this to the fact that we believe in clothing that not only looks good, but feels good as well.

bodybuilders best pants

As athletes ourselves, we understand all the problems that off-the-rack clothing poses to athletic guys and so we have designed clothes that we firmly believe avoid these pitfalls. Our range of clothing items covers everything from athletic-fit dress shirts for men to muscle-fit jeans.

What makes our jeans the best jeans for muscular guys is the fact that they are practical and versatile. All our jeans are made from our signature and specially designed stretch fabric that not only looks just like real denim but feels like it too. 

This means that you can say goodbye to upsizing your jeans just so that they fit over your legs as our jeans are able to stretch to accommodate muscular legs whilst allowing you to stick to the waist size that fits you best. 

Our jeans also come in a variety of colors which means that we have an option for just about every look you’re going for. If you want to stick to the basics, we have muscle-fit jeans in dark blue that can be worn for both smart and casual occasions. Our inventory also includes all shades of blue so you have a pair of blue jeans for every occasion.

jeans for bodybuilders

If you’re looking for a pair of jeans that goes with anything in your closet, our black muscle-fit jeans are the perfect solution to this problem and if you’re feeling adventurous you can even alternate them with our light or dark grey muscle-fit jean.

This variety means that you can wear the best jeans for big legs on the market every single day without having to wear the same jeans twice in a row. With our muscle-fit jeans, each day is a new adventure that can be enjoyed in style and comfort.


Overall, we hope that in this article we have shown you that a muscular physique does by no means condemn you to wearing jeans that look unflattering or sit uncomfortably on you. 

TAILORED ATHLETE has created a solution to a problem that every bodybuilder has encountered during his or her life. Upsizing and compromising should be a thing of the past as with our muscle-fit jeans you can show all your hard-earned muscle gains whilst looking and feeling good.

So, If you’re looking for the best jeans for muscular legs and a small waist, we encourage you to browse through our online catalog and take in the inventory we have on offer where we guarantee you’ll be able to find jeans perfect for you.

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