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Most men, whether young or old, love wearing jeans. They are the common denominator across every culture’s fashions.  Guys often say how versatile, comfortable, and attractive their favorite jeans are. And we couldn’t agree with them more. 

But what are the best-fitting jeans for men with athletic, muscular bodies? You’ve put the hours in at the gym or on the sports field. And now it’s time to find jeans that are as strong and hardworking as you are. 

In this fashion guide for muscular men, we explain why other jeans didn’t fit you properly and which ones will. And as a bonus, we also recommend some great combinations for your smart-casual work wardrobe or a casual weekend vibe. 

What this article covers:

Best Fitting Jeans For Men

what are the best slim fit jeans

What makes a pair of jeans fit well? 

They should fit snugly at the waist, with the waistband an inch or two beneath the belly button. They should have enough stretch in them to allow for ease of movement. And most importantly, they must retain their shape even when laundered a few times.

Finding the right pair of jeans is like finding treasure. Because when you feel comfortable in your clothes, you’ll feel more comfortable in your skin, too. Nothing gives you a confidence boost like knowing your jeans fit and flatter you properly. 

What Makes Tailored Athlete Jeans Great For Athletes And Bodybuilders?

At TAILORED ATHLETE, we strive to give every man that feeling, no matter the occasion. And that’s why we’re proud to offer the best-fitting jeans for men with athletic bodies. 

They have enough room where it counts, at the quads, but still retain a cozy fit at the waist. That makes them the best jeans for a triangle body shape, which is what most gym enthusiasts and bodybuilders have.

best slim fit jeans for men

And they have all the stretch you need while retaining their perfect shape, making them the best-fit jeans for large thighs. You’ll never have to ‘make do’ or size up with other jeans ever again. 

But why has finding the perfect pair of jeans been such a struggle for you?

Why Are Well-Fitting Jeans Been So Hard To Find? 

You’ve undoubtedly seen many pairs of good jeans before. And most men’s retailers offer great jeans for theaverage man. But that’s not you, is it? You don’t stop at average. You never do average. You strive to excel in all you do, whether at work or play.

Daily gym sessions, sports matches, and healthy living have made you into the muscular man you are today. And you’re understandably proud of your strong, athletic body. But it means shopping for the right pair of jeans is a challenge.

Regular jeans aren’t designed for strong, muscular men and bodybuilders. That’s why they fit too tight at the quads and often at the calves, too. They also lack the stretch to accommodate your muscles. They just aren’t cut to the correct shape for muscular bodies. 

That’s why regular jeans never look right on you. But we have the solution to your jeans-shopping woes. Our Muscle-Fit Jeans are what you’ve been searching for. They are made for a body just like yours. And they are incredibly versatile, too. Best of all, they’re so comfortable you’ll almost forget you have them on. 

best slim fit jeans

The Best Jeans for the Best Looks

We believe in backing up our claim of the best-fitting jeans for men with some hard facts. So, why are our jeans the best-fitting jeans for men with muscles? Let’s take a closer look at their top features:

  • The non-crease fabric gives a smooth look even after all-day wear.
  • Washable and durable fabric retains its shape after many uses.
  • The 4-way stretch gives the ultimate comfort and ease of movement.
  • Moisture-wicking properties mean you stay cool and fresh all day long.
  • Extra space is allowed for your well-defined quad muscles.
  • An attractive and classic design complements all shirt styles.

Now we know that you’re ready to purchase a pair of our athletic-fit jeans, and we’re so happy you’ve found us. But do you know what to wear with them for different occasions? How can you be sure that you always show your new jeans off to their best potential? 

Don’t worry because we have that covered, too! We don’t just make the best-fitting jeans for men with athletic bodies. We make the best shirts, t-shirts, and sweaters for muscular men, too!

Here are our top winning combinations for athletic men who live to give their best and look their best.

Best Mens Slim Fit Jeans

best mens slim fit jeans

Slim-fit jeans always look good, no matter the occasion. Sure, different types of men's jeans fit differently on certain bodies. But on an athletic build, a slim fit always looks good. Why hide those hard-earned muscles under baggy pants when you can show them off in style?

But ordinary slim-fit jeans won’t do. You need the best jeans for athletic legs and a small waist like our muscle-fit jeans. They’re perfect for a smart-casual work environment, an after-hours function, or even on date nights. It all depends on what you wear with them.

But don’t fret if you’re still on the lookout for shirts that suit your shape. We have a wide array of stylish men’s shirts designed for broad shoulders, muscular arms, and defined pecs. And they fit perfectly around your waist too, for a form-fitting look that flows along the lines of your body. 

For Work

Has your boss announced a smart-casual day at the office? Or perhaps you need to get to that dinner event straight after work?  Our athletic-fit slim jeans are the ultimate day-to-night jeans! 

Team your dark blue or grey jeans with a muscle-fit signature shirt in navy and a pair of smart-lace-up shoes and you’re all set for your smart-casual day at the office.

best men's slim fit jeans

At a Function

Who says you have to wear formal pants to a function? We have the best dress pants for muscular men when you need to go the black-tie route. 

But you can also wear a black pair of our muscle-fit jeans with black formal shoes and a smart white muscle-fit dress shirt and look the part while never compromising on comfort.

best fitting slim jeans

On a Date

If you don’t want to show up for your date in a t-shirt or sweater, you can still wear your new muscle-fit jeans. Just wear them with a muscle-fit signature shirt in olive (or burgundy, black, or navy) for an understated yet polished look.

 best fitting men's jeans

Best Mens Tapered Jeans

The best athletic jeans for men are usually slightly tapered. It lends a more stylish look to any jeans and translates well to the smart-casual or casual environment. Tapered jeans that allow for muscular thighs and quads are hard to find, but not when you shop for them here at TAILORED ATHLETE

We have athletic-fit jeans with just the right amount of room for your muscles, and just the right amount of taper for your style. Wear them with one of our muscle-fit t-shirts for the perfect combo. Now your broad shoulders and defined chest muscles will be well-dressed, too.

 best mens tapered jeans

For a Party

Pair our best fitting-jeans for men with a muscle-juggling t-shirt and sneakers for a casual lunch date or a party. This comfy combo will keep you cool even if you tear up the dance floor all night. It moves with you, not against you. You can be as active as you like in our athletic-fit garments.

Available in various colors, they will easily complement everything else in your wardrobe. Like red but afraid it’s too bold a hue for you? Rock a burgundy muscle-fit t-shirt with dark-wash blue jeans for an edgy look that’s still high on style. 

 best tapered mens jeans

There are plenty of other colors to choose from, so get a few, and match your jeans and your t-shirt to your mood. 

Casual Day at the Office

If you have a more relaxed work environment, you probably yearn to wear jeans to work. Here’s your chance! And our muscle-fit polo shirts are the perfect smart-casual shirt to wear with athletic-fit jeans for a casual day at the office. 

Pair an essential grey polo with black jeans and loafers for a fun twist on a classic look. Jeans and a polo shirt are always a winning team. Available in a wide and diverse range of colors, you’ll love these poo shirts for their versatility. 

best tapered jeans for men

Running Errands

You may just be running some errands about the town, but you can still look good while feeling comfortable. And if the chill in the air has you looking for some warmth and comfort, look no further.   

Pop on an everyday zip-neck sweater in navy with your blue jeans and some all-weather boots for a look that’s both trendy and casual yet still ‘put together’. You never know who you might run into, after all. This sweater is also available in other classic colors like grey and black. 

best fitting jeans men

Closing Thoughts

In the gym and on the field, you always give your best. So don’t settle for anything less than that now. Invest in jeans made by people as dedicated to perfection as you are. You deserve the best-fitting jeans for men with muscles.

Here at TAILORED ATHLETE we do more than make attractive, comfortable clothes. We offer athletic men quality garments thatalwaysfit and flatter a muscular physique. These are clothes designed by athletes and for athletes.

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