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The plain white t-shirt is a simple garment donned by fashion icons for generations. It is the perfect base for any outfit because it can easily be dressed up or down to suit a range of looks. The best-fitting white T-shirts are those that tick all the boxes: excellent cut, quality material, and lightweight fabric. 

By pairing the right t-shirt with different pants and accessories you can completely transform your appearance for individual events. But where to start? Let’s break down all the things that make a good t-shirt and figure out which TAILORED ATHLETE white t-shirt is right for you.

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What Makes a Good T-Shirt?

A good T-shirt is the sum of all its parts. If the torso feels great, but the arms are cut too narrow, it can ruin the whole shirt. For men with athletic builds, it can be even more difficult to find the perfect white t-shirt. These are the main factors to keep in mind while you shop:

The Cut

The cut of the t-shirt is also known as the style. This refers to the way the fabric has been cut to create different properties. For example, high necklines, dropped shoulders, and rounded hems are all specialized cuts. The cuts we choose create the best shirts for tall athletic guys.

 best fitted white t shirt guys

The Material

A high-quality material can make all the difference. T-shirts that start out very soft may be prone to pilling and getting scratchy over time. If the material is cheaper it is often a mix of cotton and polyester. Polyester can degrade over time in washing machines making the shirt feel hard. 

Many higher quality t-shirts start out slightly stiffer but become softer with each wash until they are beautifully worn in. They will then stay this way for much longer than a cheaper fabric that felt super soft in the store.

Another sign that a garment may be of lower quality is crooked stitches and loose threads. Be sure to keep an eye out for these small signs.

The Weave

It’s important to know what you’re looking for in a T-shirt. You may prefer a lightweight paper-thin fabric for summer and a heavier, warmer fabric for Autumn. The weight of the fabric can affect a variety of factors including the opacity of the shirt.

Some fabrics can be so thin that you can see straight through the shirt. This doesn’t portray a very high-class image, and it can be considered tacky in certain environments. Heavier materials are more likely to be completely opaque.

We have developed the best slim-fit white t-shirts that are lightweight and completely opaque even in direct sunlight.

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 best slim fit white t shirts for guy


For years, we have been driven to create the ultimate athletic-fit garments. We went on a journey to develop the best cut and source the perfect fabric to make clothes that athletes can feel comfortable and stylish in.

We have undergone in-depth research to find out what athletes need from their clothes. This is why we developed the signature moisture-wicking, 4-way stretch fabric we use for the majority of our garments.

To find the best-fitting white T-shirt for your needs, you need to have as much information as possible. We understand that shopping online can make this difficult. This is one of the reasons we offer no questions asked returns within 35 days.

We also offer a detailed sizing chart for each type of garment. This chart has been tested on hundreds of athletes, so we are confident it will help you buy the perfect fit. We are athletes ourselves, and we fully believe in the mission of TAILORED ATHLETE.

So many athletes are stuck wearing oversized clothing that is in no way flattering or stylish. Spending so much time working on your body, it’s perfectly natural to not want it hidden under baggy, shapeless t-shirts. For this reason, we decided to design something new.

best slim fit white t shirts for man


Our t-shirts are all made using our emblematic True Muscle Fit. This fit has been specially designed with extra room in the arms, shoulders, and chest for muscular bodies. Our t-shirts also have a wonderful taper that gives the waist a defined shape.

We have created the best shirts for big arms by accounting for the differences in the muscular body. Most clothing manufacturers simply don’t cater to those with uncommon body types. These are the t-shirts we have designed specifically for your body.

Muscle Fit T-Shirt

Our quintessentialTrue Muscle Fit T-Shirts are made using completely opaque stretch fabric. The raglan cut sleeves accentuate muscular biceps. We wanted to design a shirt made for athletic builds that would keep you comfortable and dry all day while still looking fitted and stylish. So we did.

This dedication to detail and cause is the key feature that’s made us a major player in making clothes for athletic men. It’s the thing that keeps us moving forward in our goal, providing clothes that are more than just functional, but stylish too.

Mercerised Tipped T-Shirt

Our Mercerised Tipper T-Shirt is cut similarly to the muscle-fit t-shirt, but it has undergone a mercerisation process which reduces shrinkage and increases the tear strength of the fibers. It also contributes to longer-lasting softness, so you can be sure you’ll be comfortable for years to come.

best slim fit white t shirts

This process was first developed by John Mercer in 1994. He found out that by treating cotton with sodium hydroxide he could improve certain properties. For example, mercerised cotton accepts dye better than regular cotton.

Essential T-Shit or V-Neck

Our Essential range of T-shirts are perfect for dressing up or down and can be paired with almost anything.

best fitting white t shirt

An understated, high-quality, white, round, or v-neck t-shirt is the perfect base to build any outfit on. Whether you pair it with formal tailored trousers or casual jeans, a white essential t-shirt works seamlessly with many styles. 

These also layer beautifully underneath our men's athletic-fit dress shirts for added warmth in the colder months.

best fitted white t shirt mens

Ribbed T-Shirt or V Neck

Designed with the same True Muscle Fit that we developed, the Ribbed T-Shirt is soft and stretchy. The fine ribbing elevates this basic t-shirt making it an interesting option for smart-casual settings paired with a pair of our chino trousers in sand or pale grey.

best fitted white t shirt

Pique T-Shirt

Dripping with luxury, this 100% cotton t-shirt arrives soft and stays soft no matter how many times it is washed. It can be worn with a comfy pair of tracksuit bottoms for a day at home or smarten up and wear the Pique T-Shirt with a pair of our athletic fit 365 trousers.

best fitting white t shirts for men

High Neck T-Shirt

With everything you love about our classic muscle-fit t-shirts, this cotton-based High Neck T-Shirt is the ultimate basic piece for layering as the weather gets colder. As with all our other garments, this shirt is cut to accentuate athletic bodies with space for large muscles.

While our garments are tight-fitting in all the right places, we still want our customers to have a full range of motion and all-day comfort. Our clothes hit the mark by being tailored for large muscles. You no longer have to squeeze your arms into a shirt that simply wasn’t made for you.

best fitting white t shirts for guy

Split Hem T-Shirt

Made using a new fabric, our ultra-soft Split Hem T-Shirts are clean and stylish. Pair it with any trousers in your wardrobe for a modern, minimal finish. The split hem t-shirt is also in our signature True Muscle Fit, so you can rest assured that your muscular physique will be properly accentuated.

best fitting white t shirts for man

Slub Loop Back T-Shirt or V Neck

Slub refers to the unique texture of this fabric. Originally seen as imperfections, the thickened pieces of yarn have been refined over the years to create a soft, textured t-shirt. 

Our Slub Loop Back T-Shirts have subtle turn-ups on the sleeves for a more precise, clean appearance.

For a comprehensive list of the best-fitting V-neck T-shirts available, look at our blog.

best fitting white t shirts for guys

Everyday Henley T-Shirt

The TAILORED ATHLETE Henley T-Shirts are a super comfortable, casual option for everyday wear. They pair beautifully with dark jeans for a smart-casual look. On the other hand, shorts are the perfect partner for a casual summer day look. Henleys have become a fashionable staple.

For a breakdown of the best T-shirts with tight sleeves, check out our website.

best slim fit white t shirts for men

Which T-Shirt Should You Choose?

The hunt for the best-fitted white T-shirt made for muscular bodies is over with TAILORED ATHLETE. Any one of our premium quality white t-shirts could be your ideal t-shirt. The style you choose depends entirely on personal preference. Consider the following points:

You need to consider the texture you like. If you want something luxuriously soft, our 100% cotton pique t-shirt is second to none. If you prefer something more rugged, the slub loop or mercerised tipped t-shirts are excellent options.

When you’re trying to find the ideal white t-shirt, avoid the hundreds of options that ignore your body’s unique requirements and turn to a brand that caters exclusively to athletes. Our items are designed by athletes to maximize the lives of other athletes.

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