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It’s hard enough finding the right fit when you’re tall. But what if you’re also muscular? What are the best shirts for tall athletic guys?  

If, like other men seeking quality garments for muscular bodies, you’re ready to throw your hands up in despair, we have news for you. It’s not only possible to find shirts that work foryour body, it’s simple and convenient with TAILORED ATHLETE. 

We’ve been helping tall athletic men just like you look their best since 2016. Thanks to painstaking research, dedication to quality, and the input of thousands of athletes, we’ve perfected the art of creating athletic men’s shirts.

What this article covers:

What Are the Best Shirts for Tall Athletic Guys?

The best shirts for tall athletic guys are designed by men who understand your unique body challenges. Men who know how much work it takes for you to stay in shape, and honor that dedication with clothing made just for you.

Athletes understand athletic bodies better than any high-end designer ever will. That’s why athletes, sportsmen, and bodybuilders trust our expertise and skill. Every shirt is crafted to meet the unique needs of athletic, active bodies.

shirts for tall athletic guys

Criteria For Best Shirts For Athletic Guys

What do you prioritize when shopping for shirts? Do you focus on the color, the style, or the design? Perhaps you concentrate on the brand’s status? 

We understand that these factors may be important to you, but you’ll be doing yourself a disservice if these are your only considerations. The top priorities shouldalways be fit and quality. And that means selecting top-quality products with a reputation for making men’s muscles look good.

We design and manufacture premier men's apparel for athletic bodies. Our shirts are available in classic styles and colors that coordinate with all your favorite jeans, chinos, and other trousers. Whether in the boardroom or on the sports field, athletic men can always look their best.

These are the top criteria the best shirts for athletic guys should meet:

Comfortable Materials

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a comfortable t-shirt. But many t-shirts just don’t fit the bill, and here’s why. They aren’t designed and cut for muscle definition. That’s why athletes from all over have come to know and love our muscle-fit t-shirts.

 shirt for tall athletic guys

Even in a t-shirt, you can look stylish and well put together when it’s cut to fit your body. We don’t just follow the rest with their outdated, one-size-fits-all templates. With necklines and armholes cut for extra girth, with no pulling or gaping, they make the most of your physique. 

Our shirts follow the lines of your body, to fit and flatter your upper body musculature as well as your toned abs and trim waistline. They’re the best shirts for big arms and slender waists on the market today.

4-Way Stretch

Stretching is important for a shirt to cover the bulk of your muscles, but do your shirts have the right amount and the right kind of stretch? We employ 4-way stretch to give the best fit, every time, no matter your level of muscle definition.

We know what you’re thinking. Sure, t-shirts might be able to stretch to fit my biceps and pecs. But what about my work shirts and dress shirts? That’s a common problem that tall athletic men face, but we have the solution.  

More formal shirts usually just aren’t designed for athletic bodies. They lack the stretch needed to glide over your well-developed arm and chest muscles. And sizing up is never the answer. That just causes the shirt to hang in an unflattering manner, with excess fabric in all the wrong places.

All our men's shirts, from t-shirts to work shirts to dress shirts, can stretch where you need them to. Yet they retain their shape wear after wear and wash after wash. We have the best slim fit v-neck t-shirts, as well as crew neck shirts, and the iconic polo shirt. All designed for tall athletic guys like you.

 shirts for tall athletic guy

Crease Resistance

You’re probably showered with lots of admiration for your physical stamina, endurance and sports skills. So make as big an impression off the sports field or outside of the gym, with a smooth, crease-free shirt. 

If you try to make an average shirt work for your physique, you’ll likely be disappointed. 

It’ll pull or bunch in all the worst places, and end up creased. That’s not a good look for you, and not an image you want to portray to your fans. But you’ll never have to worry about that again, with our non-crease shirts designed specifically for tall athletic men. 

They instill confidence with their smooth, wrinkle-free finish. Now you’ll be photo op ready, every time, and anytime, you step out the door. 

 tall athletic guy shirts

Moisture-Wicking Fabrics

As an active man, your metabolism is always firing on all cylinders. After a hard workout, you’ll be burning fat and calories for quite a while afterwards. That’s good news for staying in shape - but not so much for staying cool in your clothes. 

That’s why the best shirts for tall athletic guys should be made from moisture-wicking fabrics, like the shirts at TAILORED ATHLETE. You’ll stay fresh and cool, even in the heat of summer. 

What Type of Tall Guy Are You?

Tall athletic men are not all built the same way. Some are tall but with a torso length that closely matches their leg length. Others have either a torso or legs that measure far longer than the other. 

There’s no right or wrong body type. But if you want to make the most of, or balance out, your proportions, this is the way to do it. 

Tall Overall

Are you tall overall, with relatively equal torso length and leg length? This is quite common and easy to dress. Accentuate your even measurements with a sleek silhouette. 

 best shirts for tall athletic guy

Try one of our best-fitting blank t-shirts for muscular men, available in a wide range of classic, neutraland fashion colors. Wear them with our men's athletic fit jeans - slightly tapered for a polished look no matter the occasion. 

Long Torso, Short Legs

Although this is not the most common body type for tall men, it’s possible to have most of your height in your torso and legs in your legs. And when you have this body type, it can be frustrating when choosing shirts. 

One reason is that other brands tend to rise as they try to accommodate your muscular bulk up top. They just aren’t able to accommodate muscular torsos. The other reason is that your longer torso affects where the shirt will end, and more than likely it will be just past the waist instead of at the hip.

Our shirts are designed to stretch over your muscles without that dreaded rising up at the waist. If you want to visually diminish the upper body, darker colors on top do the trick. Try our best slim fit black t-shirt with a lighter neutral chino or jeans.

 tall athletic guys shirt

Short Torso, Long Legs 

Tall men can have different body types and proportions, just like short men do. Many tall men have shorter torsos and longer legs. This is the ideal, but when the difference is very great, it can leave you looking a bit unbalanced. That is unless you know how to dress your body best!

With some clever fashion sense, you can create balance and harmony with any body type. Visually expand your upper body to balance out your proportions, with lighter colors on top. Team these with darker or neutral-toned jeans or chinos.

One of the easiest ways to do this is with one of our best-fitting white T-shirts for muscular men. 

 best shirt for tall athletic guy

Closing Thoughts on the Best Shirts for Tall Athletic Guys

When you’re getting ready for a sports match, or preparing for a weightlifting contest, you put in the hours of training. When you hit the gym, you give it your all to get into the best possible shape. We’re the same! 

We’ve put in thousands of hours of research, the best clothing design techniques, and attention to detail. And the results speak for themselves - athletic men’s shirts and apparel that works as hard as you do to stay looking good. 

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