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If you have an athletic build, you’ll have struggled to find a T-shirt that is designed for you, especially if you’re looking for tight sleeves to flatter your arms. Luckily, we’ve got a selection of the best T-shirts with tight sleeves so that you’re certain to find the best fit for you.    

Wanting a T-shirt with tight sleeves doesn’t mean you have to squeeze into shirts that are too small, or feel like your arm is being constricted. 

At TAILORED ATHLETE, we’ve combined fit and function to provide shirts that are comfortable, stylish, and flattering to athletic physiques.

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Things to Look for in a T-Shirt


All of our t-shirts are made with our ‘True Muscle Fit’, designed with athletic bodies in mind. We put time into understanding the physique of athletic men and designed a range of shirts that both fit and flatter their bodies.

We don’t just give you a size range from S-L but include an array of measurements, including chest, waist, neck, and sleeve length. 

t shirts with tight sleeves

No longer do you have to wear baggy shirts in order for the sleeves to fit, or squeeze into too-tight shirts in order for your muscles to look good. Our entire range is designed to be the perfect fit for your body. 


No matter how good a T-shirt may look on you, you’re never going to wear it if it’s itchy or uncomfortable. That’s why we spent time determining the best cotton mixes for the ultimate soft and flattering blend. 

We use a range of cotton and cotton blends to give you comfortable as well as an element of stretch, In fact, our shirts are made of the same performance fabric that you can usually only find in gym wear. 

This means you have shirts for both casual and formal occasions that include things like moisture wicking, 4-way stretch, and non-crease material. 

t shirt with tight sleeves

Best T-Shirts with Tight Sleeves

If you’re tired of unflattering T-shirts that don’t fit right, you’re in the right place. Let’s look at the best T-shirts with tight sleeves. 

Muscle Fit T-Shirt

This is a great place to start if you’re looking for the best-fitting white T-shirts. Our Muscle Fit T-Shirt is an absolute classic, taking everything you love about a simple T-shirt, but making it tailored for athletic builds.

The sleeves, in particular, have been sized to perfectly balance tightness and comfort, while also being a flattering length that highlights your muscular physique. 

Mercerised Tipped T-Shirt

If you really want to draw people’s attention to your arms, then we have just the thing. Our Mercerised Tipped T-Shirt is 100% cotton and has a white stripe just before the end of the sleeve.

best t shirt with tight sleeves

The fact that the white is surrounded on both sides by the shirt ensures it truly pops, making it hard to look away from your arms when you’re wearing this. In addition, the mercerised fabric makes this shirt luxuriously soft and comfortable. This might just be our pick for the best shirt for big arms.

Mercerised shirts are the perfect middle-ground between the casual style of a T-shirt and the more dressed-up look of an Athletic Fit Polo Shirt.

best t shirts tight sleeves

Everyday Henley T-Shirt

For something that is a step above a simple t-shirt, consider our Everyday Henley T-Shirt. The classic henley neckline provides some visual interest, and the stretch cotton hugs your body in all the right places.

Another key element is the raglan cut sleeves which draw attention to your upper arms using a diagonal line that the eye naturally follows. They hug your bicep while still being comfortable, in part because of the breathable fabric, making this one of the best-fitting black T-shirts out there. 

best t shirts  tight sleeves

Slub Loop Back T-Shirt

When you want something just slightly more interesting than a basic T-shirt, why not mix up the material? We love our Slub Loop Back T-Shirt, with its slightly rougher texture that brings out the colors in the shirt more.

tight sleeves t shirts

This is one of our top picks for best-fitting blank T-shirts, as the fabric hugs your body and your arms in a slightly different way than regular cotton, while still providing all the advantages of our ‘True Muscle Fit’. 

The more casual style of the slub loop tee means it’s great to pair with other everyday items. Our True Muscle Fit Athletic jeans are an excellent way to complete your fit.

tight sleeves t shirt

Essential V-Neck

Now if you are looking for the best-fitting V-neck T-shirts, we present our Essential V-Neck. It combines our signature ‘True Muscle Fit’ with a universally flattering V-neck. This shirt is perfect for showcasing both your arms and your neck but is also understated and classy.  

 best  tight sleeves t shirt

We love pairing this with jeans for a dynamic look, whether you’re heading to work or for a night out. Make sure you’re always looking your best in TAILORED ATHLETE’s T-shirt options.  

best tight sleeves t shirts

Pique T-Shirt Long Sleeve

When we’re talking about flattering tight sleeves, you can’t forget to mention the iconic long sleeve. Here, you need a delicate balance of comfort and tightness to show off your arms without restricting movement. 

Colder weather doesn’t mean you have to stop looking your best, and this shirt is the epitome of casual luxury. Long gone are the days when your arms would be swamped by fabric in a long sleeve T-shirt. This is definitely one of the best shirts for tall, athletic guys

best t shirts tight sleeve

Ribbed V Neck T-Shirt

If you’re looking for something a bit different, consider our ribbed V-neck T-shirt, made out of soft, jersey-like material. This material hugs the body and has a thin rib, providing a unique twist on our signature styles.  

best tight sleeve t shirt

This is a great piece to show off your style and your physique at the same time. 

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