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As an athlete, it’s important that you understand the difference between the athletic fit vs regular fit t-shirt. You want to look your best, and finding the right shirt is the first step along the way. If you’ve ever struggled to get a regular fit t-shirt to fit, you might have been tempted by the athletic-fit options hanging on the racks.

But is this the right choice? Do athletic fit t-shirts even do what they’re supposed to? That’s what this article is here to tell you.

Your body isn’t the typical shape that clothing stores provide clothing for, so it’s useful to understand how certain fits might look on you.

And who knows – there might even be a fit out there that’s perfect for you! Stick with us to find out what will work best for your body. 

What this article covers:

What Is an Athletic Fit T-Shirt?

The athletic fit t-shirt is designed for slim athletic bodies. This is probably the cut you try to squeeze into because the name implies it works for all athletes. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. 

This shirt is cut closer to the body than a regular fit t-shirt. It’s made using stretchy material to allow for freedom of movement. The problem with this cut for athletes with bigger arms and a bigger chest is that there isn’t sufficient space for your muscles to sit comfortably beneath the fabric.

what is an athletic fit t shirt

Sure, it’s stretchy and you can likely make it work by sizing up. The ideal shirt for your body type doesn’t need sizing up, though. Don’t sacrifice fit for comfort.

The arms in an athletic fit shirt are cut at the same width the whole way down the upper arm area. This means there’s no accommodations made for muscles that might bulge out a bit, and your muscles can pull tight at the seams of this cut. These are the most common types of athletic shirts.

What Athletic Fit Shirts Are Made Of

If you’re wondering what athletic shirts are made of, we’ve got the answers for you. If you’re buying a cheap athletic shirt, it’s likely made of polyester, or mostly polyester with a small percentage of cotton in the mix. If you’re buying a higher-end athletic shirt, it’s likely 100% cotton, or mostly cotton with a small percentage of polyester.

Shirts made from largely polyester feel uncomfortable when you wear them for long periods of time. The fabric isn’t breathable, so you become sweaty throughout the day. 

Shirts with a small amount of polyester are okay, as the polyester is needed to give the material some stretch.

The different types of muscle shirts are all made from something different, and most brands have their own blend of fabric. The best way to figure out what your shirt is made of is to look at the label.

 athletic fit t shirt

Which Body Type Looks Best in Athletic Fit?

Now that you know what an athletic fit shirt is, you’re probably wondering if it’s for you. If you have a muscular athletic build, the short answer is no. It just doesn’t accommodate your muscles the way a True Muscle Fit shirt does.

If you’re a slender athletic build, an athletic fit t-shirt can work for you. The uniform width of the sleeves perfectly accommodates your natural arm shape, and the slightly tapered waist gives you some shape and dimension around that area.

 athletic fit t shirts

If you’ve got a large chest, steer clear of this shirt and scroll down for the shirt that’ll work best for you. If you’re got a small chest area though, the athletic fit shirt is a great option. Always make sure to purchase a high-quality shirt to avoid discomfort.

The unfortunate truth is that if you’re getting athletic-fit clothing off the rack in a department store, you’re not likely to find something that fits properly.

Fortunately, this isn’t your only option.

What Is a Regular Fit T-Shirt?

The regular fit t-shirt has a more relaxed look and feel. There’s no tapered waist, and the shirt emphasizes comfort without being too baggy. The shirt is loose around the waist and arms, making it a popular choice for those with toned biceps.

The problem with this cut is that while it fits your body, it’s not designed with your body type in mind. It doesn’t accentuate any of your best features – instead, it hides them behind excess fabric. 

You could size down for a tighter fit, but this doesn’t change the cut of the shirt. It would need some tapering and an overall better design to truly make your body shine.

 fit t-shirt

Which Body Type Looks Best in Regular Fit?

Those with a fuller body typically look good in a regular fit shirt. If you’re looking to hide some excess belly or arm fat, this shirt is an excellent option for you. 

Other than that, the regular fit is a great option if you’re looking for a comfortable shirt to lounge around at home in. There’s nothing better than an oversized shirt at home!

Is There a Shirt Designed for Athletes?

We’ve got good news for you! Here at TAILORED ATHLETE, we spent years perfecting clothing for athletes. Our result was the True Muscle Fit – the perfect fit for athletes who want to remove the guesswork from sizing.

what is athletic fit t shirts

Our True Muscle Fit shirts are designed to purposely show off your physique while providing a full day of comfort and flexibility. They’re made of luxurious material, so there’s no more worrying about breathability and sweat patches when you wear our True Muscle Fit t-shirts.

Our premium 4-way stretch fabric is made from a blend of 95% cotton and 5% elastane. We’ve left polyester at the door with these. Elastane helps us ensure the shirt can move with you throughout your day. These shirts are designed not only to work for your body, but also to work for your lifestyle. 

As an athlete, you’re a mover and a shaker. These shirts will work with you, not against you. The high cotton count ensures their durability, so you won’t need to replace them every few months due to wear and tear. They’ll last for years and become a staple in your closet. 

Have a look at our sizing guide to find the right size for you, and never worry about sizing up or down to accommodate different muscle groups ever again. Welcome to freedom. This is what muscle shirts are for.

athletic fit t shirts vs regular

What Other Clothing Will Work Well for Me?

Don’t worry – we didn’t stop at T-shirts. We’ve got an entire range of clothing designed for your body type. 

Our TAILORED ATHLETE True Muscle Fit athletic jeans are a dream come true and go perfectly with our True Muscle Fit shirts. They’re scientifically designed with stretch fabric to move with you throughout the day, and avoid that uncomfortable denim feeling. 

what is athletic fit t-shirt

They fit your muscular frame perfectly, in line with our policy to eliminate the guesswork in terms of sizing for you. Whether you want light blue, dark blue, black, or grey, we’ve got you covered.

These jeans offer the ultimate comfort and versatility. Dress them down with our True Muscle Fit t-shirts, or dress them up for an evening out with our True Muscle Fit dress shirts.

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