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You go to a menswear store to pick up some T-shirts. They look great hanging on the rail but when you try them on, they don’t fit. You know you chose the right size. You assume it’s because you’re tall. 

So, you head to a store claiming to sell the best-fitting T-shirts for tall guys. Their T-shirts fit a bit better but they’re still too tight. So, you size up, but excess fabric drapes unflatteringly at your waist, while the rest of the T-shirt pulls tightly across your arms and chest. Where did you go wrong?

If that scenario sounds familiar, we can help you find the best fit for your body. Keep reading to discover why for tall athletic men, one sizedoesn’t fit all. 

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What Are the Best Fitting T-Shirts for Tall Guys?

What is the best-fitted T-shirt for tall men? If you’re a tall, muscular man, it can be a challenge to find the right T-shirt. You need one that fits your body type and your proportions. One that compliments your physique, rather than fight against it.

best fitting t shirt for tall guy

A lot of this comes down to the cut and style of the T-shirt. Most menswear stores aim to dress the average man with an average build. They do a good job of that, but they don’t design T-shirts for basketball players, bodybuilders, or other athletes and sportsmen.

Sure, you’ll find sportswear and gym clothes to fit you, but what do you do out of the gym and off the court? You need and deserve clothing that follows the lines of your body and shows your muscles off, tastefully. You need TAILORED ATHLETE’s men's athletic-fit T-shirts.

Why Tall Guys Struggle With T-Shirt Fit

Why is it so difficult to find T-shirts that fit when you're tall? The answer is not quite what you think. Yes, it has to do with your height, but there’s more to it. Your body type and proportions play a major role, too.

t shirt for tall guy

There are three main male body types: ectomorph, mesomorph, and endomorph. 

The ectomorph is generally tall and lanky and doesn’t pick up weight easily. Although it’s possible to build muscle definition, it takes more work for the ectomorph. Ecomorphs typically have longer legs than they do torsos. Many track and field athletes fall into this category.

The mesomorph is the ideal that many men aspire to. This is a muscular body type, and most men in this category are of average height. There are some tall and short mesomorphs, but their proportions are usually balanced. Shorter mesomorphs are often described as ‘stocky’.

Then there’s the endomorph. This body type is more rounded, and shorter men often fall into this category, Endomorphs typically have longer torsos than legs. They have to work a bit harder to build muscle mass, but with enough dedication, it’s entirely possible.

best fitting t shirt for tall men

Why Does Body Type Matter? 

If you’re tall, you may be any one of the above body types. So, why does it matter? 

When you understand your body type, you can dress to flatter it. (We’ve got some great tips to help you do that a bit later in this article). 

Finding the best T-shirt for tall guys is a lot like finding the best fitting T-shirt for short guys who are muscular. You just need to get a T-shirt to fit your athletic proportions. We have the solution - Ture Muscle Fit tees.

Best Fitting T-Shirts For Tall Guys 

If you’re a muscular guy, you no longer have to worry about the best shirts for a muscular build

We understand that not all men are built the same. That’s why our range of T-shirts, polo shirts, and dress shirts are designed to flatter a wide range of heights and body proportions. 

fitting t shirt for tall guy

They’ll flatter you because they're designed for you - a man with a strong, muscular body. You don’t have to size up, just order your usual size and it’s guaranteed to fit you. There won’t be any pulling, sagging, or bunching of fabric, either.  

That’s because every one of our athletic T-shirts ticks all the boxes - good styling, flattering cut, and the right amount of stretch. How do we create garments that look so good on athletic bodies? It’s simple, our clothes aren’t just designedfor athletes, they’re designedby athletes.

Our Tips for T-Shirts for Tall Guys

Remember those body types? Just because you are muscular, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a classic mesomorph. You may have a longer torso or long legs, and that will affect the way you look in your clothes. 

These tips will help you to balance your proportions and dress with confidence, no matter your body type. To illustrate these tips, we’ll use the example of a T-shirt and jeans, but they apply to all types of garments.

fitting t shirt for tall guys

Classic Mesomorph, Balanced Proportions

Are you a classic mesomorph with balanced proportions? (Roughly the same measurement from the top of your head to the groin, and again from your groin to the floor when standing straight). Like many men, your leg measurement may be slightly longer, but still balanced. 

You can wear anything and it’ll look good, but if you want to downplay your height a bit, avoid vertically striped T-shirts and very tight jeans. Rather make an impact with one of our brighter T-shirts and a classic pair of blue jeans.

Longer Torso

The trick here is to visually lengthen your legs and shorten your torso, with the clever use of color. Darker colors tend to minimize an area, while lighter or brighter colors increase it. 

Team a pair of our lighter blue or grey tapered-leg jeans with one of our darker neutral T-shirts. For extra leg-lengthening trickery, match your shoes or sneakers as closely as possible to your jeans.

t shirt for tall guys

Shorter Torso

The longer legs type is usually admired by everyone. However, if you are self-conscious about it, you can visually alter your proportions with this tip.

Place the focus on your upper body with one of our athletic T-shirts in white or a light neutral. Team this with darker wash blue or black jeans from our range of equally flattering athletic fit tapered jeans.

Final Thoughts on the Best Fitting T-Shirts for Tall Guys

When you dress to fit and flatter your unique body type and proportions, you’ll always look and feel your best. Step out of the house with the same confidence you display on the field, the court or in the gym. Invest in the best-fitting T-Shirts for tall guys with muscles, here at TAILORED ATHLETE. 

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