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Every muscular guy and gym-goer has had this experience at one point or another. You find a polo shirt that you think should fit online only to find that it bulges, bunches, and scrunches in unflattering ways around your body.

You might think that this is just something you have to deal with being a bigger guy, but that’s not the case. If you know your body, and you know what to look for in clothes, you can find polo shirts that fit every time.

However, it’s important to find a brand of clothes that meets your needs. TAILORED ATHLETE is your go-to supplier of high-quality, best-fitting polo shirts and other garments that are designed specifically for men like you.

If this sounds familiar to you, you’re in the right place. Read on to find out more. 

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Polo Shirt Fit Basics

Importance of the Right Fit in Looking Polished and Professional

Regardless of your physique or the occasion, the way your polo shirt fits significantly impacts your look. For athletic or muscular men, the fit of your clothing can accentuate your physique and give a polished, professional appearance. 

how do polo shirts fit

The right fit not only enhances your body's positive aspects but also helps you feel confident and comfortable, key factors in making a strong impression.

A Well-fitted Polo Shirt: Not Too Tight, Not Too Loose

When it comes to athletic or muscular men, a well-fitted polo shirt should flatter your build without being excessively tight or overly loose. Here are a few guidelines:

Shoulders: The shoulder seams should line up with the ends of your shoulders—no more, no less. This ensures the shirt hangs correctly.

Chest and Waist: The shirt should be fitted around the chest and waist but not so tight that it restricts movement or makes the buttons pull. If you have a V-shaped torso, look for tapered polo shirts that narrow towards the waist.

Sleeves: They should hug your arms lightly, showing off your biceps but not squeezing them. Ideally, they should end halfway up your bicep.

Length: The shirt should be long enough to tuck into your pants if needed, but not so long that it bunches. When untucked, it should cover the waistband of your pants, but not completely cover your rear end.

You’ll know your shirt is too tight if there are any areas where you feel the fabric pulling or cutting into your skin. This is particularly common if you buy clothes that aren’t designed for muscular men.

This is why it’s so important to go with a brand like TAILORED ATHLETE that takes these concerns into account when designing our clothes, so you never have to deal with uncomfortable clothes again.

how a polo shirt should fit

Polo Shirt Components and How They Should Fit


The collar of your polo shirt should sit flat on your body without being too tight around the neck. It should allow for one to two fingers to comfortably slide between the collar and your neck. If it's too tight, it can lead to discomfort and an appearance of being overly stuffed. 

Conversely, if the collar is too loose, the shirt might appear sloppy or poorly tailored. A well-fitted collar gives a polished look and frames your face nicely.


For muscular men, the sleeves are a critical component in a polo shirt. They should end halfway up your bicep and lightly hug your arms without being restrictive or overly tight. 

Your polo shirt should allow your biceps to "breathe" while still highlighting your muscular arms. Too tight, and it will restrict movement and could make your arms look like they are bulging out of the sleeves, too loose, and it may look sloppy or hide your muscular definition.


The fit around the torso is crucial in striking the right balance between a polished look and comfort. Your polo shirt should be snug enough to highlight the broadness of your chest and taper in at the waist to accentuate your V-shaped torso, if you have one. 

This is one of the key differences between polo fit and slim fit shirts.

But remember, it shouldn't be so tight that the buttons pull or the fabric clings to the body, revealing every detail of your physique. It should provide enough room for comfortable movement. A shirt that's too loose can look baggy and diminish the appearance of your athletic build.

how should a polo shirt fit


The length of your polo shirt plays a role in your overall look. A polo shirt should be long enough to stay tucked into your pants during normal activities if you prefer a more formal or neat look. However, it shouldn't be so long that it bunches at the waist.

For a casual, untucked look, the hem of the shirt should extend past the waistband of your pants to cover about halfway down your back pockets. This allows for a relaxed yet polished look without the shirt appearing overly long.

Remember, finding the perfect fit might require trying on several different brands or styles as the fit can vary significantly. Keep these guidelines in mind, and you'll be on your way to finding the perfect polo shirt for your muscular or athletic build.

TAILORED ATHLETE: A Polo Shirt for You

So we’ve got a list of exactly what we should be looking at for how polo shirts should fit. What next?

Well, now comes the fun part: finding a polo shirt you actually like. Like all clothes, polo shirts for muscular men aren’t easy to come by. Sure, you can pick up an athletic-cut polo shirt off the sheld, but the odds that it’s actually tailored to a guy your size is slim. That’s where TAILORED ATHLETE comes in.

TAILORED ATHLETE Athletic Fit Polo Shirt

Our True Muscle Fit Buttonless Polo Shirts are made with a unique, premium 4-way stretch material that allows the shirt to contour around your frame. This gives you a free range of motion while still having a sleek frame.

how should polo shirt fit

This, along with our niche design and careful tailoring, is what makes this range some of the best athletic fit polo shirts.

how polo shirt should fit

They come in a variety of colorways so you can be sure to find a shirt that works for any occasion, which is important for a versatile garment like the polo shirt.

They’re ideal for smart and casual occasions and pair excellently with any of our True Muscle Fit jeans.

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