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With its collar, placket neckline and iconic buttons at the top, polo shirts never go out of style. They suit many occasions, body types, and age groups. The polo is a classic look that any well-dressed man needs in his wardrobe for maximum versatility. 

But what’s the best fit for muscular men? We compared polo classic fit vs slim fit shirts for the athletic body type, to help you always look your best. We included some helpful tips for how to wear polo shirts for any environment or occasion. 

What this article covers:

Polo Classic Fit vs Slim Fit Shirts - What Are They?

What’s the difference between polo slim fit and classic fit shirts, and which shirt style is right for you? Keep reading to learn the basic differences between these styles, and which one is more suitable for muscular men of all ages.

classic fit vs slim fit polo

Polo Classic Fit

First, how should polo shirts fit? The perfect polo shirt is neither too tight nor too loose. The fabric should be cut to flow along the lines of the body. A classic fit doesn’t hug the waist and hips as closely as a slim fit shirt, but instead follows the body’s contours easily.

So, how do you decide between a slim fit versus a regular fit polo? A classic fit polo shirt has a bit more room at the chest than a formal shirt, and slightly longer sleeves than a t-shirt. It’s also usually a bit longer on the torso than a  dress shirt.

But to look and feel good on the muscular body of an athlete, professional sportsperson or bodybuilder, a polo shirt needs to meet a few other criteria. These are the right cut and stretch. And for a truly comfortable experience, moisture-wicking properties, too.

 slim fit vs regular fit polo

Like our muscle-fit t-shirts, our polo shirts are comfortable, and moisture-wicking for those active days, with superior stretch to accommodate the bulk of your muscles. That’s what makes them the best athletic-fit polo shirts on the market today. 

All our shirts, including the polo, are ideal for athletic men because they are designed and styledby athletic men! So you know you’re getting a premier product made by men who understand your needs.

Slim Fit

Need to attend a formal event and don’t want to invest in a tuxedo shirt for one wear only? Looking for a sleek style for that cocktail party? How about an understated look for that meeting with potential investors? There’s certainly a place for the slim-fit shirt in men’s fashion, even for muscular men. 

But they have a different aesthetic, and this may not work for every body type.  Slim-fit shirts, as the name suggests, are the slimmest silhouette in men's shirt fashions. They hug the muscles and skim the torso, with no excess fabric and bagginess at the waist or hips. 

what is classic fit polo

And these characteristics extend from slim-fit dress shirts to slim-fit polos, too. The distinctly tapered waist and snug fit of a slim-fit shirt is most popular with younger and leaner men. However, these shirts are not always ideal for stocky men as they are more restrictive than a polo or t-shirt.

Take note that there’s a difference between a slim fit and a skinny fit shirt. Although both hug the body far more than a classic polo shirt, a skinny-fit shirt or t-shirt fits much more tightly and is not a good look for muscular men. The aim is to accentuate your muscles, not look like they’re bursting through your clothes.

Polo Classic Fit Vs. Slim Fit - Which To Choose

Both these styles look fantastic on younger, athletic men who are leaner. But the classic polo is a slightly more forgiving style than the slim fit shirt when it comes to the different body types. Even muscular men can have different body types. 

difference in polo slim fit and classic fit shirts

The track and field sprinter is often more long and lean. The bodybuilder is more bulky. Both men have strength and definition, but the latter will have more girth and the classic polo fit will complement that better.

Because slim-fit dress shirts look great in corporate work settings as well as formal events, we recommend that you own at least one. And a slim-fit polo can do double duty as workwear and date wear. 

However, depending on your lifestyle, it may not get as much wear as the ultra-versatile polo classic fit shirt.  

Our Tips for Wearing Polo Shirts

We have the best polo shirts for athletic men, suitable for a variety of occasions. Choose between solid colors, color blocking, an eye-catching geometric print, or a fun stripe.

slim fit vs fit polo

In Casual Environments

Even if you like to dress casually, you should still pay attention to fit. One of the biggest problems with casual attire from menswear stores is that they have too relaxed a fit. These shirts can appear too baggy or slouchy. This won’t show off your muscles to their best advantage. 

When you dress to suit your body with TAILORED ATHLETE garments, even casual clothes enhance your overall image. Pair our polo classic fit shirt with a pair of our athletic-fit tapered jeans for a look that’s casual but stylish. 

classic fit polo

For The Office

The best athletic polo shirts are equally at home in the office if you work in an environment with a smart-casual dress code. Solid colours in neutral tones work best, but neutral doesn’t have to mean boring!

We recommend choosing Black, White, Grey, Oatmeal, and Sand colours. They offer the most versatility. as you can wear them for work or play. But navy blue, while a colour, is considered neutral as well. 

Whichever colour you choose, team your polo classic fit shirt with neutral-toned trousers and a blazer for a relaxed but professional look. A navy polo worn with Olive, Khaki, Sand or Grey colour trousers makes a winning combination. 

On Date Nights

You’ve worked hard to maintain your athletic physique. So dress your body with the best polo shirts for muscular guys. The polo shirt is ideal for date nights when you want to impress with minimal effort.   

Worn with chinos or jeans, they’re the simplest way to effortless style. Depending on whether your date is a casual get-together or a more conservative affair, choose your colour and style accordingly. 

Our research suggests that many men favour a red polo for date nights, but white or blue are equally popular.

 polo slim fit

Closing Thoughts on Polo Classic Fit vs Slim Fit Shirts

Here atTAILORED ATHLETE, we pride ourselves on our wide selection of functional, versatile yet classic garments designed by athletes, for athletes. So whether you opt for polo classic fit vs slim fit shirts, you’ll always look your best.

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